Thursday, October 04, 2012

Romney Vs. Obama Debate - No suprises

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --No surprises here.  It turned out just like everyone predicted it would.  Governor Romney was on the attack as he needed a leg up in this race.  The boost is just for a couple of weeks, that will not translate in the needed votes that he must have to win.

The President's re-action was like why am I up here talking to this guy.  Boring. Boring!  It is hard to get up for a guy that goes around in a circle like a dog chasing his tail.  He at lease had the courage to hang in there for the ninety minutes while Romney believed he was running away with the race.  Romney continued to out talk the moderator and was very un-professional.  This reminded me of how Sarah Palin did with the debates with Vice President Bidden.

One would get excited about this speech, as Romney had the President back on his heels, as it was projected time and time again.  However, this does not mean that at the time of voting, as the jobs rates are improving, and the housing market is getting better, Romney still wants to kill off PBS and Big Bird, and he wants to do  away with ObamaCare, Department of Education, and many other programs in the government that helps everyday and ordinary people.  Mr. Romney never says what he will replace these things with, only tear them down.  He wants to kill off ObamaCare and place our 30 million citizens who are  out of the loop, and keep them out of the loop where they make enough money to just be broke and never can receive any help.  He likes to create jobs just like the ones he has at Staples, where his employees just make over the minimum wage and who can not afford the gas in their cars to get to work.  He calls this a job?  Really?