Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

As a Precinct Secretary and Co-Chairman here in Colorado,
I found Senator Obama's speech to be refreshing and straight
forward. A President must be concerned for all Americans and
must argue both sides of the question. I am very proud of the
fact that his issue has come full circle and to the forfront. At the
same time, it's very sad that race has to rear its ugly head to
deny the American people of a true leader. I pray that my
generation has grown up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Denver (IFS) If you may ask if President Bush's "Wiretapping" program is working, just ask Governor Eliot Spitzer. If you wonder if the program is real and is the NSA using it? Your telephone and banking account again proves that these items will get you put in prison. The government was inquiring as to what was going on. Was it "blackmail" of a government official, or was this official making payoffs to "others" for "dirty deeds done dirt cheap". Can you believe it? Another government official self-destructs right in front of your eyes. The old sayings are truer than ever. Beware of the one that "protests" to greatly.

Rumour has it, that the governor gave more sweetheart deals for his friends and like a bad bacteria that multiples in sewer water, created more corruption than he stomped out. Governor Eliot Spitzer's enormous failure is not political, nor personal.

It's called the "Right" syndrome. He was always right, no matter what. When guys like these fall on the sword and become a victim of their own "rightfulness", it usually leds to suicide. He talked a good game but, against all odds, he actually made the New York State capitol much worse.

Oh, but let's not judge him harshly. He gave no mercy to the people he sent to jail.
In rapid fashion, he spawned a cottage industry of state investigations, with rumors of indictments of one or more of his top aides rampant.

His own role in "Troopergate", where his office used the state police to destroy a political rival, has not been resolved. He achieved no reforms of substance or process.

He was so distrusted by his colleagues that he had ceased to be taken seriously.
They had concluded that, in Spitzer's world, the rules were only for others.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Elbert County Democrats Caucus Meeting

Elizabeth, CO - (IFS) What a wonderful day today. This writer got a chance to meet neighbors, the City of Centennial's Mayor Pro-Tem, along with State House of Representatives Debbie Stafford, Colorado Board of Regents' Candidate, AJ Clemmons. It was standing room only as Democrats from all over the county gathered to discuss various articles and proposals to the State Convention.

Rep. Stafford did point out her position on the "Superslab Project" that impacts 5,000 families and $1.6 Billion in property.

Nominations for Commissioners for Districts 1, 2 & 3. The theme is transparency and opening up the books to the public.

When I sit and talk to my friends, I am sometimes amazed to hear them complain their husband is always after them for sex. I would think being wanted would be a wonderful thing. I understand sometimes women are so tired and men can insist on it, and at times they need to be more understanding, as do women when their man is tired.

I also have friends that complain he doesn't make any moves toward them, and I wonder why they just don't put the moves on him, especially in a loving relationship. I know my husband finds it a turn on when I am the one putting the moves on him. I also know exactly when he will never say no! The secret: I know he is easy to arouse very early on a Saturday morning after he's been asleep a few hours and if I play my cards right, he even thinks it was all his idea!! LOL

Here are ten secrets from other women who love sex:

"I can switch on my sex drive."
"My body is my pleasure palace."
"I know I'm a sex goddess."
"I speak up for myself in the sack."
"It's not if I have an orgasm — it's how."
"I've mastered one signature sex move."
"I get to know his secret desires."
"I never let sex get stale."
"I'm passionate 24-7."
"Sex is at the top of my to-do list."
Click HERE to read more secrets about women who love sex from and then come back and share some of your secrets with us. How do you stay interested in sex with your spouse or significant other?


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