Friday, April 26, 2013

Granada & Coloma Way Smash and Grab Robbers takes Motown/D-Town Records unreleased archived recordings Valued at $5 Million

WOODLAND CA (IFS) -- It has been reported to Woodland California police Department of the smash and grab robber of several of SDC OmniMedia Group main acrhival computers and laptops in an un-noticed and sleepy neighborhood at Coloma Way and Granada Drive early this morning.  The computers contain sensitive information studies commissioned by the Library of Congress.  The computers along with a Fostex 4 Track Audio recorder for KDTN BlogTalk Radio recording and editing, including a new Black Box Series computer digtial projector and many other electronic devices that were reported to the police.

Local Police Officer Parveen Lal of the Woodland Police department was not to surprised at the tackets used to smash the rear window of one vechicle and empty it of all its cotents of compressors, air nail guns, carpenter belt with saw-alls, drills and electric hammers.

Not stopping there, the thieves were not satsified with just that haul of loot, they also disabled the locking system on songwriter and record producer Kenneth Howard Smith, who was visitng his parents at this location.

Smith, explained to Officer Lal, that the computers were two (2) Compaq laptops from the Reno, NV offices and older Dell laptop from the Memphis/Nashville offices, and the custom engineered CHENBROS  WORKSTATION Computer Server for broadcasting of audio for the SDC Radio One Networks that included over 50,000 songs of artists from 1927 to 2012.

Other archives included Coleman Kestin & Smith Audio Book Series created by Infotronics USA for higher education and broadcasting.

The backup computer included unreleased archived D-Town and Motown Records catalogs of songs written and produced by Smith along with Motown producer RG Ingersoll.  Digital Compact Disc pictures of artists for  D-Town  releases included the Staple Singers, Lee Rogers, William Dean, Rosey Grier, Connie Van Dyke, The Precisions, The Undisputed Truth, Rare Earth, Fabulous Preps, Stevie Nicks, Sarah Fleetwood, Merrell Fankhauser and many other.  The archived songs catalog are valued at $5 Million.

Smith added, that this area of Woodland was once the home to the mayor, and with the Middle and High School on the same street, was a fligship area, now afoot with gangs and individuals that have experienced home invasion in the middle of the day with people at home.

Officer Lal would not add if these are the same individuals that committed these crimes, but it appears that a pattern is slowly emerging for that area.

Smith added that the thieves stole his Garmin Navigational device with programmed data for many recording artists and their location of their private homes and offices.  Smith also included that the device also contained addresses for many state and federal judicial officers as Smith used for arranging audio interviews for the KDTN BlogTalk Radio Show - Media In Review.

Smith also gave a warning to the users of these computers, that the IP address is different, and that the computer will attempt to log-on "Call home" via the programmed computer IP address onboard.  "The machine gives you forty (40) seconds and three password attempts, then the machine goes into a "self destruction mode" turning off the machines rendering them just a paper weight.  Smith stated.  During the last operation of the computer shut-down, it sends an "Unkown IP Source Log-on" to the main SDC OmniMedia Group computer systems in Memphis.

"The CHENBROS Computer with an international red color in plastic in front, and a clear view side and black tower that was on its way to be upgraded and retired.  

"I would love to have all of our family tools and the CHENBROS WORKSTATION returned, but we know that will never happen."  Too much damage has been done and its up to the police to get the bad guys."  Smith concluded.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Women's settlement with LAPD in Dorner case worth $4.2 million - It's the "Gray" one, Right?

MEMPHIS TN (FS) -- Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were delivering newspapers in Torrance on Feb. 7 when LAPD officers shot repeatedly at their blue Toyota Tacoma. Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and Carranza was injured by broken glass.

Dorner was believed to be driving a gray Nissan Titan,Now the LAPD was on the look-out for a "Gray Toyota, no no an orange pacer, no no a green vega, no no a pink cadillac".  It's whatever color these idiots decide to give it. Looking at the picture above and other pictures online, this vehicle is light blue.  LAPD is really tough guys when it comes to shooting defenseless women and grandmothers delivering the newspaper. Have mercy on the US Letter Carrier, or the Pizza Delivery person.  God, please help the milk man.

What do you think they may be capable of if Dorner drove by in an yellow car?  They will still shoot at the gray one (the blue one).  And let me make it very clear -- these guys really scare me.  What school did these guys attend?  For some unknown reason, they did not get to class much, or that day when the lesson was on identifying car makes and colors.  Must have been a really tough class.

It makes me very ill that these guys are protecting the neighborhood.  First, they are color blind.  Secondly, they can't shoot.  Third: they call themselves police officers. If this is LA"s best -- God help us all.  At times like these, Ice-T's hit recording of "Cop Killer" raises its head.  I hope that they know -- there is a lot of money they are leaving on the table and selling themselves very short.  But I'm sure that the DA has let them know, that it's a great day to be alive, but  you are going to wake up in the middle of the night with sweats and screams that will go on for the rest of your lives.  $4.2 Million is not enough money that they will be giving to the doctors and lawyers forever.


Women's settlement with LAPD in Dorner case worth $4.2 million
LOS ANGELES -- A settlement has been reached with two women mistakenly shot by Los Angeles police during the manhunt for fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner.

The women injured when Los Angeles police opened fire on them during the manhunt for ex-copChristopher Dorner have reached a $4.2-million settlement with the city, sources told The Times.
Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich announced a settlement had been reached Tuesday afternoon. More details were expected at a 2 p.m. news conference.
Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were delivering newspapers in Torrance on Feb. 7 when LAPD officers shot  repeatedly at their blue Toyota Tacoma. Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and Carranza was injured by broken glass, an attorney for the women said.
The officers were protecting the home of a high-ranking LAPD official named in a threatening manifesto authorities said was written by Dorner, and they believed that the official could have been a potential target. Dorner at the time had already killed the daughter of an LAPD captain, her fiance -- a USC police officer -- and a Riverside police officer, officials said.
Dorner was believed to be driving a gray Nissan Titan, and there was an alert preceding the shooting that said a truck matching Dorner's was in the area.
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck called the shooting "a tragic misinterpretation" by officers working under "incredible tension" hours after Dorner allegedly shot police officers. Beck promised to provide a truck from a donor regardless of potential litigation by the women.
Last month, the women received a $40,000 check from the city to cover the loss of the truck.
When announcing the check had been delivered, Trutanich said the settlement was "the legal and morally right thing to do both for the individuals involved and the taxpayers of this city."