Tuesday, October 09, 2012

America Loves To Suffer - It's in our "Jeans"

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- We love to suffer.  I believe it's in the Bible. . . "Suffer the little children to come unto me."  We like being bogged down into the pits of hell.  It's no fun, if we are not "crying about something."  The economy is bad, we cry. 

The road to building a better economy is getting better.  We cry, "let's tear it all down and start all over to where the hurt and pain is better for us.  Yet, we cry about that. 

Mitt Romney is delighted that he is a couple of points up over the President, and he gets a chance to tear down the the mission and start all over again. 

We are even going to kill off "Big Bird", because he cost to much money these days, and his little budget will balance the National budget all $450 Million dollars of it. We like that even better. 

We want Romney to tear down everything that we have been through and start all over again going through the pain and sorrow of it all.  And yet, giving our hard earned money to his rich buddies again.  Remember President Cheney, oh. . . I mean Bush and Haliburton?

We love pain.  We love loosing our kids in foreign wars.  We love the idea of starting new wars, and loosing our only kids to bombs and bullets.  It makes us feel better.  We can cry about loosing our kids in a war that we did not like, but what the hell.  It's only our kids, and we can cry about them for the rest of our stupid lives.

When President Clinton was building a better life for each of us, we wanted to tear it all down.  Remember Monica?  The economy was going full blast, two cars in every garage, three chickens in ever pot, eating cake and ice cream to boot.  But that was not good enough for us, it was to comfortable.  We needed chaos in our lives to make us feel better.

I say lets vote for chaos again.  Romney it going to start another war, and your kids will again be at the for-front of the bullets and in sand up to their necks, and the tears from mothers loosing their precious children again, and yes those tears again.

We want to start all over again.  We want to crawl buck naked though miles of broken glass and gasoline again.  We like blood on our hands, because its right. Right?  Yes we are stupid and we know it, and the whole world knows we stupid too.  That's why everyone takes advantage of us, because we are easy. 

The old P-Funk song that was entitled "America Eats Its Young" from the early 1970's really is real.  We eat our young we hot sauce, and we love to suffer the little children.  After all its in our "jeans".