Friday, May 24, 2019

Trump's Definition of "Treason" will place Jared Kushner's Head on the chopping block

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (FS) -- According to King Trump's definition of "treason", Jared Kushner's head will be one of the first ones to roll off the chopping block.  Trumps wants to execute all of his enemies including James Comey, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama and many others that do not agree with him.

He would love to dump the whole state of New York into the Hudson River and drown everyone in Albany.

This president loves to talk about "killing" people, and I learned to be careful of what one speaks because karma is a very wicked thing and comes back on you fast.  With over 3,000 American citizens dead by his hands in Puerto Rico, I guess it is not enough blood.

King Trump will be the first president to ever serve time in prison after he leaves the White House. The Impeach Trump television adds is giving him the blues.  The looks of Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempting to explain away the temperament of the president when he stormed out of the meeting with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer says more than enough to prove that he is over the top.

The president of the United States must get his staff to back up his lies about the meeting that was post haste and at the last minute with placards from the press in an instant for the Rose garden meeting.

It's always darning that Press Secretary Sanders always look like one of the character from the "Lord Of The Rings" posters and lies about everything.

After Trump leaves office, these investigations will not be going away at all.  They will continue long after the terms of these people have ended, and with many of them facing an alarming amount of legal fees and possible jail sentencing.

Now that Trump has weaponized Attorney General Barr, it is only a matter of time that he will undo all of the "spy records" which will get many of our allies and agents murdered.  Remember Valarie Plame -- her ouster by Scooter Libby caused hundreds of death to our agents in every country on the planet.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Lieutenant Christopher Bannon texted back, "Not a big deal" After Eric Garner was Murdered by NYPD Officers

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- No good deed goes unpunished, and Lieutenant Christopher Bannon your time in the "fishbowl" is coming too.  When things for you start to go really bad, we will say "Not a big deal" about you, as you will be dragged into the muddy waters of disgrace and shame, and you will not have any friends, and you must look over your shoulders for the rest of your life.  The people that you hurt and make statements about "not a big deal" -- they have friends, family, and you have created enemies that go for thousands of miles. We hope and pray that you have a police escort around you for the rest of your life because, at some point, you will not have enough bullets for your gun and we will say -- Not a Big Deal!

10 hours ago - After Eric Garner's Chokehold Death NYPD Commander Texted It Was 'Not A Big Deal'. A lieutenant apparently tried to reassure officers after ...
8 hours ago - New York Police Department commander texted "Not a big deal" to an officer in 2014 after learning Eric Garner had most likely died during a ...
14 hours ago - A Staten Island police commander involved in the arrest of Eric Garner, the black man who died after an NYPD officer put him in a chokehold for ...
1 day ago - The police commander in charge at the time of Eric Garner's death at the hands of NYPD officers in 2014 texted his subordinate that the death was “no big deal,” according to the New York Times.
1 day ago - An NYPD commander appeared indifferent after being told Eric Garner was likely dead, texting that it was, "not a big deal."
1 day ago - Mr. Garner's dying words “I can't breathe” — repeated 11 times — set off ... dead and someone came up to him and said, 'It's no big deal,' how would you ... The best things to do in N.Y.C.during the hottest season of the year.
12 hours ago - Upon learning that Eric Garner was most likely dead after he was wrestled to the ground and put in a chokehold, NYPD commanders were ...
1 day ago - 'Not a big dealNYPD Lt. texted after Eric Garner's death ... and including termination — though NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill was mum ...
1 day ago - NYPD lieutenant texted 'not a big deal' after being told of Eric ... in the arrest of Eric Garner, the African American man who died after being put ...
Missing: commander ‎| ‎Must include: ‎commander

There were gasps at a hearing in New York City Thursday as a police commander was asked to read out the texts he had exchanged with a sergeant who was at ...

Trump wants to invoke military using insurrection law at border

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- The last time the United States Military was used in a street fight was in the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles.  The only other time was in the killing of the Kent State Students by the Ohio National Guard under orders from Richard Nixon.

As the talk of impeachment lures its ugly head above the muddy waters, President Trump is looking forward to Marshall Law and outlawing the 2020 elections.  Trump wants to use the military to start working at the Southern Border and turning back immigrants and asylum seekers. 

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley downplayed reports Friday that the Trump administration was considering invoking the Insurrection Act to remove immigrants from the country — but he didn’t rule out that it was still on the table.
“There are lots of tools at [President Donald Trump’s] disposal,” Gidley said, speaking with Fox & Friends. “We haven’t used them all and we’re looking at ways to protect the American people.”
Gidley’s comments were received warmly by the live studio audience which applauded enthusiastically about the idea of using the military to force out undocumented immigrants at gunpoint.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

NATO Can't Believe One Word Trump Says as Pompeo Spends Lies About NATO Meeting

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- The Trump Administration continues to "Trump Up" lies about war and bombing Iran.  The smoke is so thick, that the NATO Alliance is not buying into it.  The Trump Administration is continuing to denounce the information of the CIA, FBI and British MI-6, and only listens to the Russians intel services as the only true story.  -KHS

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo set himself an impossible task for his speech in Brussels on Tuesday: take President Donald Trump’s disparaging and often contradictory remarks about Europe and his self-declared love for nationalism, weave them into a cohesive trans-Atlantic strategy, and try to sell it to a large audience in Brussels. 

Unfortunately, no one—except perhaps Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and a few other autocrats—bought it. Pompeo’s tone-deaf calls for European countries to reassert their sovereignty in the name of reforming the liberal order did not reveal anything resembling a trans-Atlantic strategy. It revealed only the administration’s ignorance and arrogance.

Pompeo’s main message was that the rules-based, multilateral system that served the West’s collective interests for many decades no longer worked. To prove his point, he ticked through a list of the weaknesses and failings of international institutions, including the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the African Union. Anyone who has followed Trump’s public remarks about international institutions—or those of his national security advisor, John Bolton—did not find that perspective at all unexpected.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sandbag Bob's Report on The Mueller Report

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- Attorney General William Barr lived up to his proven reputation to be the president's attorney and echo the "No Collusion" mantra and paraded the White House's calling card for the world to see and hear.

Sandbag Bob's ongoing protection of the investigation of Donald Trump's Administration leads one to ponder what history lesson is learned here, as Barr continues to show his legacy as a "sandbagger" of the true and his consistency of throwing his body in front of the train that is not going to stop, but will continue to roll over the "stories" created by this Attorney General.

It is a very sad day for the Office of the Department of Justice, as Barr rolls over two years of investigations and, yet he refuses to talk about the obvious crimes of this White House.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sandbag Bob - AG William Barr Repeats History of Blocking the Results and lying to Congress

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- AG William Barr, continues to block for the president.  This time, the DOJ has given updates and leading information to the White House over the course of time as the Mueller Report is released.

The White House has had the Mueller Report for several days and will have prepared a News Release "Party" before the release of the Report.  President Trump has been briefed on the workings of the Report and will have "doctored" up the response and the score of the results before Congress has had a chance to look at it.

It's getting very tiresome of the Democrats always bringing a bible to a knife fight, and they are always loosing.  Their Subpenas go nowhere as Chairman Nadler continues to serve them and are tossed into the trashcan with no effect.

Attorney General William Barr has set a press conference for 9:30 a.m. EST on Thursday to discuss the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his Russia investigation.
According to a press release from the Justice Department, Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will address the media.
The only reporters allowed into the conference will be those who hold Justice Department hard badges, a permanent form of press credential, although there will be a Livestream of the event broadcast on the Justice Department website.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

400 years ago Africans were enslaved in America (1619 to 2019)

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- Not much has changed in America.  The current president of the United States would love to have slavery reinstated.  General John Kelly really misses those good old days as do Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  No African every asked to come to America.  Never!  They were chained into the bottom of ships as captives and sold into the slave trade in Virginia.

Even today in the Constitution of the United States, African Americans are still listed as only three - fifths of a person -- to this very day. If anyone has a chip on their shoulder and deserve to be angry, its African Americans.  They should be livid and full of hate.