The Sochi Winter Olympics have so far managed to avoid many of the potential problems and worst-case scenarios that many envisioned before the Games began over a week ago. There have been a few ugly incidents, however, and one extremely violent example happened earlier on Wednesday when Russian Cossack militia members brutally attacked members of the anti-Russian government punk band Pussy Riot in Sochi.
Pussy Riot, who were famously imprisoned for 21 months in 2012-2013, were detained earlier this week by Russian authorities before being released. The group, led by original band members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, were planning to stage a classic performance of their music, which is designed to protest the current Russian government, and the restriction of freedom that the band sees in their country.
Be forewarned: This video is extremely intense, and shows a women getting beaten and pepper sprayed in the face. It's a very graphic but accurate glimpse at some of the security currently at the Sochi Olympics. Because of the violence, it may or may not be NSFW.
After the incident, Alyokhina tweeted out this photo:
It translates as "Lying with Nadya on beds next to each other in a hospital" (according to the USA Today).
For all of the joking about some of the hotel mishaps and issues about accommodations (popularized by the Twitter hashtag #SochiProblems), this was a much darker glimpse at some of the serious problems that Russia is confronting.
That Russia will host the 2018 World Cup (which will be on a much bigger scale since it's hosted by the entire country and not merely one city) presents two major thinking points. First, by such appearances, Russia is still a place where police brutality like this can happen in a very public setting. Second, it gives their government a goal to work toward in solving some of their current social issues, whether they choose to recognize the opportunity or not.

Image via USA Today