Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anti-Obama hate hits new low? Movie mailed to million voters shows late mom as 'whore'

Tea Party Republicans mailed out a million copies of film to voters in swing states, depicting President Obama%27s mom as a slut. (photo credit: Wikipedia)
A young Barack Obama and his late mother Ann Dunham
The hate has been percolating on the right and extreme right since a man with a white mother and a black father accepted the nomination to be president. The vitriol escalated during his almost four years as president and now that he is running for a second term, the crazy white noise has reached a thundering crescendo.
This latest strategy may be the new lowest of lows though. While Mitt Romney has called on President Obama and his camp to apologize for perceived campaign ills, and wife Ann is demanding the "liberal media" stop piling on her husband, some on their side are wallowing in the deepest, dirtiest of mudslinging--and they think debasing the president’s dead mother is the way to get votes for Romney.
A B-grade documentary/character assassination flick is currently being mailed out to voters in swing states by some Tea Party Republicans. A reported million copies and counting have already hit voters mailboxes in the hope that they could influence decisions come election day.
This “movie” called “Dreams from My Real Father,” produced by Joel Gilbert has reportedly taken aim at President Obama’s late mom, Stanley Ann Dunham, depicting her—there is no other way to put it—as a whore. A bondage-seeking nympho who abandoned young Barack to sleep her away across Asia and Africa and star in porn.
What does defiling our president’s dead mother have to do with voting? Is this desperate, dirty, shameful ploy by some on the right a way to try and win by any means necessary? Do they think that the American people are so soulless, as to view trampling on the memory of a woman who tragically died from cancer, as a way to endear the Good Ole Party to the discerning voter?
But then again, that sort of debasement would only appeal to the debased, to those who already see President Obama through their myopic, twisted, hateful, prejudicial, ignorant prism. Those who hate him will continue to hate him and will certainly take great pleasure in adding this film to their already choke full treasure trove of paranoia and dislike. Those who think he is a Muslim Kenyan, un-American, Socialist, big fat capitalist sympathizer of Wall Street, Marxist, Communist, etc.-- will relish this new sleaze. The birthers must be having a collective orgasm at this “smut-umentary,” masquerading as a legitimate documentary.
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