Monday, July 12, 2010

LIMON CO (IFS) -  As a youngster in the music business in the Antelope Valley of California, I would spent much of my time hanging out in Palmdale at Glenn Records, where I would learn the trade of making records.  I loved my training.  Glen MacArthur, a proven record producer who worked with Merrell Fankhauser, George Weston, Sandy Nelson, James Burton, Red Foley, Farron Young, Merle Haggard, Buck and Bonnie Owens and the Tally Records artists in nearby Bakersfield.  This particular day, I decided to play hooky from school and headed off to the studio just to hang around and bother Glen.  But this day was a special day, upon arriving at the studio that early morning, I was to find two artists, one by the name of Porter Wagoner and a young Dolly Parton setting up in the studio to work on a couple of songs as a demo.  One of those songs, I remember was "A Coat Of Many Colors".  Glenn was eager enough to kick me out of the studio, but this young sweet lady, asked Glenn to let me stay, as it would be later on in a conversation, then she remembered me from the early days at Cousin's Herb Henson's television show in the barn in Bakersfield, California.  So if you every wondered why I love these artists so very much, it's because, they first loved me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

LIMON CO (IFS) - Smithbits Magazine and Telvision since 1967 at Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, CA. It been along time -- Ken Smith

LIMON CO (IFS) - On July 17, 2010, A celebration of love for Dad and Mom Gilchrist will be held at the Lions Club House, 417 Lincoln Avenue, Woodland, CA 95695, starting at 2:00 pm in the afternoon.  You are invited to a celebration of love for our parents, the Reverends Roosevelt and Louise Gilchrist, as of June 15, 2010, our dad will celebrate 90 years and on July 22, 1010, our mother will be 88 years young.  We are blessed to have them in our lives and we just want to celebrate their contributions to our families, our church families, our extended families and the communities that they have served faithfully for many years.  Our parents are still active in the ministry and look forward to teaching and ministering the word of God every opportunity they get.  Because they have helped so many in their lifetime, we know that money of you would like to be at this celebration.  Please RSVP by July 4th as space is limited.  Please send a love note and please include a picture.  You may also a video or DVD message to our parents for their scrapbook.  We will have a money tree for those of you who would like to share with them.  There are several hotels in the surrounding areas that can be accessed by looking on line for Woodland, CA.  We are looking forward to this time of celebration and hope to see you there. Send all correspondence, check and RSVP to Sandra L. Williams, 884 Ruth Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 or email
LIMON CO (IFS) - I just had to revisit why some women hate Gov. Palin. Then I remembered this post from a couple of years ago. After shooting wild live from helicopters, and saying that the white grizzle bear IS NOT endangered as the glacier packs retreat and these animals are dying because of their hunting grounds being melted away, Palin now wants to be remembered as a "Mama Grizzle?" because she is going to run for the presidency in 2012?? As Dana Carey would say -- "Ain't that special". I do not like Former President Dick Cheney, and he's not even backing Palin. Maybe Palin and Cheney should go hunting together and shoot elk and bears from their helicopter as they talk about an endorsement party for the Mama Grizzle. I don't want a bear in office. Do You? One thing for sure, it will keep Tina Fey in a job.

Thursday, Oct. 02, 2008

Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin

Some polls are suggesting that after gaining an initial bump, McCain's campaign is being hobbled by Sarah Palin's vice-presidential candidacy. The voters who are deserting her fastest, some of whom are even calling on her to withdraw, are mostly women.

Ah, women, the consistently, tragically underestimated constituency. What the Democrats learned during the primaries and the Republicans might now be finding out the hard way, I learned at my very academic, well-regarded all-girls high school: that is never to discount the ability of women to open a robust, committed, well-thought-out vat of hatred for another girl.

Women are weapons-grade haters. Hillary Clinton knows it. Palin knows it too. When women get their hate on, they don't just dislike, or find disfavor with, or sort of not really appreciate. They loathe — deeply, richly, sustainingly. I do not say this to disparage my gender; women also love in more or less the same way.
When men disagree, the steps to resolution are reasonably clear and unsophisticated. Acts of physical violence are visited upon one another's person or property, and the whole thing blows over. Women? Nu-unh. We savor the discord. We draw it out. We share our contempt with our friends, like a useful stock tip, or really good salsa. And then we all go hate together: a mutually encouraging group activity for when the book group gets quiet.

The hatred women have for Sarah Palin, and others had for Hillary before her, is not necessarily about politics. Anybody can run the numbers on how many people Palin's pro-life, pro-gun, socially conservative policies will seduce and how many they will alienate. Rather, the test that the McCain campaign failed to put her through was the Abbotsleigh Ladies College test. (Named after my high school. Go, green and gold!). It's a simple three-point pass-fail exam: Will the other girls like her?
Here's why Palin doesn't make the grade:

1. She's too pretty. This is very bad news. At school, pretty girls tend to be liked only by other pretty girls. The rest of us, whose looks hover somewhere around underwhelming, resent them and whisper archly of their "unearned attention." So, if everyone calls your candidate "hot," you're in a whole mess of trouble. If the Pakistani head-of-state more or less hits on her, well, yes, she'll get a sympathy vote, but we're in Dukakis-in-the-tank territory. It's an admiration vaporizer. (Of course a candidate can't be too ugly, or it will scare the men, who are clearly shallow as a gender.)

2. She's too confident. This also bodes ill. Women have self-esteem issues. But they also have other-women's-esteem issues. As almost any woman — from the head of the Budgerigar Breeders association to Queen Elizabeth — can attest, it's almost impossible to get confidence right. Too timid and you're a pushover. Too self-aggrandizing and you're a bad word unless it's about a dog, or Project Runway's Kenley. Or Michelle, my best friend until 9th grade, after she won that debating prize and got cocky.

3. She could embarrass us. History is not on Palin's side. Every time a woman gets a plum job, be she Hewlett-Packard's ex-boss, Carly Fiorina, or CBS's Katie Couric, there's always that whispery fear that people will think she got the job just because she's a woman. So if things don't go well — and a couple of YouTube clips have suggested that they're certainly not going well for Palin — women are the first to turn on her for making it harder for the rest of us to louse up at work.

The fact of the matter is once a female decides it's over with another female, it's like an end-stage marriage. No matter how seemingly benign, every attribute becomes an affront: the hair, the voice, the husband, the moose-shooting, the glasses, the big family, the making rape victims pay for their own rape test kits.
I know, I know. With all this extra baggage a female candidate has to bear, the chances of finding a woman whom other women won't hate seem skinnier than last year's jeans. But don't despair, if all else fails, we could just do what we always do and just vote in some guy. It's worked so well for us in the past.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Arvada Fireworks - July 4 2010

July 4, 2010, fireworks by the City of Arvada, Colorado in the rain. ; Very few duds, and lots of people to observed the festivities, including Kenny and Chaya Finton of the international renown singing group - the Fintons.