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What Real Radio was like in 1966 -- Thank You Barbara Perez from Rosamond California

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- It all started with what you hear on the radio station locally  is just what is playing across the United States, as Barbara Perez (of Rosamond California),  began to explain to this writer, that the music charts are very different all across the United States.  It was during those days when radio controlled the airwaves and FM Station was just getting started. The Mamas & the Papas"Monday, Monday" was the Number One record on the charts with the Monkees very close behind on this particular weekend before school was going to be out.

With the Texas trip with the family just one year early, I did manage to tie it all together.  In every little town, for over two thousand miles, it was just the same top forty records that we herd.  This was a major shift in the record business in those days, as the British Music Invasion continued day after day month after month, year after year forever.

Our small library did not subscript to Billboard Magazine, Cash Box Magazine, Juke Box Magazine, or even Bill Gavin.  During those days, if you landed on Bill Gavin's playlist, you just hit a home run.

It was Perez earlier in the Seventh Grade that turned my head about "listening" to music, as our English teach put on a piece by Vivaldi and asked the students, including me to write about what the music was speaking to each one of us.  I swear it, Barbara wrote over to pages on both sides of the paper.  I on the other hand just managed to get one paragraph out of the music.
The yellow background indicates the #1 song on Billboard's 1966 Year-End Chart of Pop Singles.

Issue Date Song Artist(s) Reference

January 1 "The Sound of Silence" Simon & Garfunkel
January 8 "We Can Work It Out" The Beatles
January 15
January 22 "The Sound of Silence" Simon & Garfunkel
January 29 "We Can Work It Out" The Beatles
February 5 "My Love" Petula Clark
February 12
February 19 "Lightnin' Strikes" Lou Christie
February 26 "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" Nancy Sinatra
March 5 "Ballad of the Green Berets" SSgt Barry Sadler
March 12
March 19
March 26
April 2
April 9 "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration" The Righteous Brothers
April 16
April 23
April 30 "Good Lovin'" The Young Rascals
May 7 "Monday, Monday" The Mamas & the Papas
May 14
May 21
May 28 "When a Man Loves a Woman" Percy Sledge
June 4
June 11 "Paint It Black" The Rolling Stones
June 18
June 25 "Paperback Writer" The Beatles
July 2 "Strangers in the Night" Frank Sinatra
July 9 "Paperback Writer" The Beatles
July 16 "Hanky Panky" Tommy James and the Shondells
July 23
July 30 "Wild Thing" The Troggs
August 6
August 13 "Summer in the City" The Lovin' Spoonful
August 20
August 27
September 3 "Sunshine Superman" Donovan
September 10 "You Can't Hurry Love" The Supremes
September 17
September 24 "Cherish" The Association
October 1
October 8
October 15 "Reach Out I'll Be There" Four Tops
October 22
October 29 "96 Tears" ? and the Mysterians
November 5 "Last Train to Clarksville" The Monkees
November 12 "Poor Side of Town" Johnny Rivers
November 19 "You Keep Me Hangin' On" The Supremes
November 26
December 3 "Winchester Cathedral" The New Vaudeville Band
December 10 "Good Vibrations" The Beach Boys
December 17 "Winchester Cathedral" The New Vaudeville Band
December 24
December 31 "I'm a Believer" The Monkees

One thing this writer remembers is that Peter Paul and Mary's "Puff The Magic Dragon" did not play much in Falls County Texas, City of Marlin in 1966.  But Percy Sledge did alot, along with BB King, Bobby Blue Bland, KoKo Taylor, Ernestine Anderson and Lee Rogers among many artists of those days.

With my first years in radio, one of my jobs was to compile the best songs that all of the kids in our local high schools and college was listening too.  It was nothing like the radio.

Early songs were like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Captain Beefheart, The Doors and HMS Bounty in Lancaster California in those days. So now you know who was on our first lists top 50 songs of Alternative Music Artists in those days. - KHS  

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Surprise! Son builds parents their dream cars, bringing them to tears.

The Essential Features Of A Hit Record

The Essential Features Of A Hit Record

We have all heard those hit songs that can be considered ‘timeless classics’.
Whether it’s a hip hop track, a rock classic or an 80’s power ballad, these songs share some essential features that ensure they will be on the airwaves for years to come. Obviously there is not one hard and fast rule for this as every song is different, but here is a list of features that many of these hit records share.
A ‘catchy’ song
Starting with the obvious, a hit record must be a great song. Above all the melody must be strong, as this is what a listener focuses on and this should be accompanied by some great lyrics and a good groove. You can apply the best production techniques possible, but if the song is weak then the record will sink without a trace!
A strong vocal
Having a great vocal is a real asset to any record. If you have a quality song and you have a strong vocalist to sing the melody, then this can be the golden ticket to creating a hit record. A great vocal does not necessarily need to be technically proficient, but more to do with how a singer can successfully interpret the emotion in the song i.e. how they can convey the message in the lyrics.
A creative arrangement
After the song and the vocal, you need to ensure you have a strong arrangement. This involves using the right structure and ensuring each section of the music is interesting for the listener. This can be achieved by adding extra instruments, adding a counter melody, changing the drum pattern, or changing the key etc. Have a listen to some hit songs, and pay attention to the subtle differences between each section. How is verse 2 different to verse 1? How is the last chorus different to the first?
An accomplished performance
You may have the heard the crude expression “You can’t goldplate a turd” and this definitely applies to creating a hit record. A track must sound like there is ‘life’ in the performance and no amount of editing in the studio, fiddling with EQ’s, compression or reverb can replicate this. It can be hard to put your finger on it at times, which is all the more frustrating, but sometimes one take just sounds better than another. If you have musicians who put there all into a performance and play with real emotion and intensity, then the production phase becomes far easier!
A well produced track
Although there are examples of hit songs which don’t technically sound very good, generally the really big and timeless records do sound excellent. A well engineered record does not guarantee it will be a smash, especially if the song, vocal, arrangement and performance are not up to scratch, but it can add an extra dimension to the overall sound, if the EQ’s are well balanced and the right amount of reverb and compression is applied.
The timeless factor
Despite having all the previous factors in place, if the track sounds like the last trend, and the musicians or band members look like it too, then the record might not take off as you would like. Having said that, a ‘retro’ look and sound to a band can work out really well if you go back two or more trends.
Are all the above factors essential for every hit song?
Well, in short, no.
There will always be some songs which become hit records and cannot be explained. You will find some songs with weak vocals and melodies which take the charts by storm.
However, on most of the really big hits, you will find they contain the majority, if not all, of the factors in this article. Songs like “Merry Christmas Everybody” by Slade will be heard every December in shopping malls and on the radio. Other hits like “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson and “Imagine” by John Lennon will be played all year round for many years to come.
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Sandra Dee - The Queen of the 1950's Teen Movies

Date of Birth23 April 1942Bayonne, New Jersey, USA
Date of Death20 February 2005Thousand Oaks, California, USA  (kidney disease)
Birth NameAlexandra Cymboliak Zuck
The Queen of Teens
Height5' 4" (1.63 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Sandra Dee was born Alexandria Zuck on April 23, 1942 in Bayonne, New Jersey, to Mary (Cymboliak) and John Zuck. She was of Carpatho-Rusyn descent. Her mother envisioned a show business career for her daughter and would often lie about her age in order to get Sandy where she wanted to go. For example, her mother enrolled her in school early so she could have a head start. Sandy was only four years old when she entered the second grade. Sandra was an extremely pretty young lady, which enabled her to get into modeling. In fact, she was already very successful at her craft by the time she was 12 years old. This in turn led to television commercials for local companies, an added benefit for the young model.

Through her mother's prodding and the talent scouts, Sandra was signed to do a movie when she was 14 called Until They Sail (1957), released in 1957. While the film didn't exactly top the charts, it would lay the foundation for Sandra's career. The new young actress was then signed to two more films for 1958, The Reluctant Debutante (1958) and The Restless Years (1958), the latter with a young actor, John Saxon. In 1959, Sandra appeared in five productions with Gidget (1959) and A Summer Place (1959) being the two most popular. Sandra was 17 years old and becoming the heartthrob of teenage boys all across America. In 1960, Sandra appeared in only one film, Portrait in Black (1960), but is remembered by her for something else. She married teen idolBobby Darin in December of that year. It may have sunk a few teen boys' hearts, but most still were enamored of her. Her work, once again, took off. The 1961 releases were Come September (1961), Romanoff and Juliet (1961), and as Tammy Tyree inTammy Tell Me True (1961).

Sandra had replaced the ever-popular Debbie Reynolds in the "Tammy" series, but the film and its 1963 sequel, Tammy and the Doctor (1963), didn't do all that well at the box-office. The films were now slowing for Sandra. The last few that she made were I'd Rather Be Rich (1964), That Funny Feeling (1965), A Man Could Get Killed (1966),Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! (1967), and Rosie! (1967). By 1967, her marriage to Darin ended and so did her film career. There was little call for a teenage movie star to play daughters and such, when everyone knew that she was a divorcée. Plus, the face of movies had changed and sugary stories were not the ones that people wanted to see. Sandra did nail down the part of "Nancy Wagner" in 1970's The Dunwich Horror (1970).

In the 1970s, Dee made a few appearances in made-for-television movies, but it was the film Grease (1978) that made her famous to a new generation. While she was not in the film, one of the popular songs was "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee".

Sandra's last silver screen role was in Lost (1983). She died of kidney complications on February 20, 2005.

Spouse (1)

Bobby Darin(1 December 1960 - 7 March 1967) (divorced) (1 child)

Trade Mark (1)

Frequent portrayal of wholesome ingénue roles

Trivia (18)

Gave birth to her only child at age 19, a son Dodd Mitchell Cossotto (aka Dodd Darin) on December 16, 1961. Child's father was her ex-husband, Bobby Darin.
By 1965, she was the last major star still under an exclusive contract. Was Universal Studios last actress under contract.
Made her modeling debut in Girl Scouts magazine.
After her once-hot career fell apart in the 1970s, she fell victim to anorexia, alcoholism and depression. To the delight of her fans, she resurfaced briefly after two decades of seclusion and was warmly embraced at Beverly Hills Canon Theatre in a stage production of "Love Letters" with her The Restless Years (1958) co-star John Saxon.
Had suffered from anorexia for most of her life.
Was diagnosed with throat cancer and kidney failure in 2000.
Had two granddaughters: Alexa and Olivia Darin (daughters of Sandra's son Dodd Darinand his wife Audrey Tannenbaum).
One of the most successful teenage movie stars of the 20th century, Dee was listed on the Quigley Publications Top Ten Money-Making Stars poll four years in a row, from 1960 through 1963, achieving her highest ranking of #6 in 1961.
Is immortalized in the popular song "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" from the movieGrease (1978). The song mocked her squeaky-clean image but Dee reportedly said in a statement that she did not mind, and always had a big laugh about it.
She received renewed attention after the release of the movie Beyond the Sea (2004), the biopic about her late husband Bobby Darin that recalled and detailed their stormy, headline marriage. Despite its painful aspects, she reportedly approved of the project and gave it her blessing.
Universal Studios concocted the name 'Sandra Dee' for her by shortening her first name and by using her stepfather's surname initial "D" to sign vouchers.
Is portrayed by Kate Bosworth in Beyond the Sea (2004)
Attended and graduated from Universal High School in Los Angeles, California in June 1958.
Biography in: "The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives". Volume 7, 2003-2005, pages 135-136. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale, 2007.
Had appeared with John Saxon in three films: The Restless Years (1958), The Reluctant Debutante (1958) and Portrait in Black (1960).
Had appeared with then-husband Bobby Darin in three films: Come September (1961),If a Man Answers (1962) and That Funny Feeling (1965).
Sandra Dee passed away on February 20, 2005, two months away from what would have been her 63rd birthday on April 23.
Following her death, she was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Quotes (6)

I think male nudity is wonderful.
I began telling stories as a volunteer in my daughters' school. But I grew up hearing stories from Cuban and Southern storytellers, and I learned a great deal by just being quiet and listening.
Me, I'm good at nothing but walking on the set with a pretty dress.
I don't know anything about making a passionate love story, even if it's appealing for an audience to see a husband and wife make love on the screen.
Listen to great storytellers; slowly, you will learn about voice, timing, tension, structure, climax - all the things you need to tell stories that will capture the imagination of your audience.

There are constant cycles in history. There is loss, but it is always followed by regeneration. The tales of our elders who remember such cycles are very important to us now.

The Wild and the Innocent Western (1959) Audie Murphy, Joanne Dru & Gilbert Roland

Charming tale of mountaineer-trapper Murphy's first taste "big city" life with young, sweet Sandra Dee in tow. She flees her family, which tried to trade her for some of Murphy's beaver pelts, and tags along with the reluctant Murphy. They get into all manner of trouble in town, and Murphy has to shoot the sheriff to rescue Dee from her job as a dancehall girl.
Written by <rita.richardson@arch2.nara.gov>

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Helen Mirren: TRUMBO

Trumbo: Helen Mirren Behind the Scenes Movie Interview

Pamela Anderson visits Tent City Jail

Pam Anderson Defends Former Friendliness With Trump - ' I Just Popped Ou...

Wife of Democrat James Carville is turning heads with announcement she’s now switching parties

Mary Matalin, the wife of prominent loudmouth liberal political commentator James Carville, has switched her political party.
Matalin has long been a Republican, which made for a pronounced contrast from her husband, but since Donald Trump became the party’s presumptive nominee, she switched her affiliation to Libertarian.
However, she said, she is not switching because of Trump.
“I’m a never Hillary and I’m a provisional Trump,” she told Bloomberg Politics.

Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2016/05/06/wife-of-democrat-james-carville-is-turning-heads-with-announcement-shes-now-switching-parties-337154#ixzz47uuWbxaC

Morocco's Big Wave Surfing Spots

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Valdosta State University black students escorted out of Trump rally

Valdosta, Georgia (CNN)A large group of black students attending a Donald Trump rally at Valdosta State University Monday were escorted out by law enforcement before the event started.
"We didn't plan to do anything," Tahjila Davis, a 19-year-old mass media major, told The Des Moines Register. "They said, 'This is Trump's property; it's a private event.' But I paid my tuition to be here."
News reports placed the number of students escorted out at about 30. 

Kicking out anticipated protestors isn't an uncommon practice for Trump events, but this was one of the largest groups so far in his campaign. It occurred hours after a Secret Service agent choke-slammed a Time magazine photographer attempted to capture images of #BlackLivesMatter protesters at an event in Virginia.
Though at least one outlet reported the students were kicked out based on a request by the Trump campaign, the campaign denies that was the case.

"There is absolutely zero truth to that," says campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks.
One Secret Service agent oversaw the students' removal, but agents did not actively participate in escorting them out.

"If a group at an event protests, it does not become an issue with the United States Secret Service unless our protectee is threatened," said Kevin Dye, a spokesman for Secret Service. He said it's not uncommon for Secret Service agents to monitor these situations, but they do not actively participate in removing protesters.
Another Secret Service agent told CNN the protesters were "asked to leave by the host committee and local law enforcement." 

"We do not escort protestors (or) disruptors out of events," the agent, speaking on background, said. "(It's) not a Secret Service function and (campaign) staff knows that."

Time magazine photographer Chris Morris told CNN that at a rally earlier in the day a Secret Service agent began choking him as he tried to exit the media pen.

A video of the incident shot by an attendee at the rally and later posted on social media shows the agent putting two hands on the photographer's neck and slamming him to the ground.

A Secret Service spokesman said the agency is "aware of an incident involving an employee" and will provide further details of the incident after they gather the facts.

Marco Rubio slams Donald Trump over 'KKK' comments 01:04
"Our local field office is working with their law enforcement partners to determine the exact circumstances that led up to this incident. The Secret Service will provide further details as warranted once additional facts surrounding the situation are known," said spokesman Robert Hoback.

The Valdosta student protest came after Trump also spent part of the day trying to clean up a racially charged controversy after he refused to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke over the weekend.

When asked about his Sunday comments on CNN's "State of the Union," Trump blamed a "bad earpiece."
"I was sitting in a house in Florida, with a bad earpiece," the brash billionaire told NBC's "Today" show. "I could hardly hear what he's saying. I hear various groups. I don't mind disavowing anyone. I disavowed Duke the day before at a major conference."

Duke had detailed his support for Trump in a Facebook post on Thursday.

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Who Owns The Sun - Governor Chris Christie?

Who Owns The Sun - Governor Chris Christie?

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) --With Mr Donald Trump threatening the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan at the victory celebration for winning everything he wanted almost, Governor Christie looked like a taken hostage in a "proof of life" scenario.

For one moment in the program, I almost believed that President Obama was going to call out Seal Team Six to extract Christie from Trump Towers, where he may have been held against his will.

As my friends from Colorado, the Fintons in their song, who owns the sun?

1.  Erin Andrews - benefits from leaked "soft porn" with major endorsements since the leak?  What??  I am so confused.

2.  Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan

3.  RNC trying to stop the trump train.

4.  Ted Cruz -

5. Marco Rubio - why did it get personal --

A proposal to name a North Carolina post office after poet Maya Angelou received a "no" vote from Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who questioned if the late author merited the honor.

Brooks and eight other Republicans voted against the resolution to rename a post office in Winston-Salem after Angelou, a Missouri native who spent much of her life in North Carolina. Angelou died in 2014.

Sports Authority is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and plans to get rid of nearly a third of its stores.

The retailer said Wednesday that it plans to close or sell about 140 stores and two distribution centers, one each in Denver and Chicago. The specific stores to be closed or sold will be determined as part of the Chapter 11 process, a spokesman told the Los Angeles Times.

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The Englewood, Colo.-based company has 463 stores in 41 states and Puerto Rico. The store closings are expected to take up to three months.

After years of controversy and production issues, the biopic, Nina—in which Zoe Saldana plays singer Nina Simone—has finally released its first trailer and will hit theaters next month.

The film tells the story of the late jazz singer's rise to fame as well as her relationship with her nurse-turned-manager, Clifton Henderson (played by David Oyelowo).

News of Saldana's casting for the role was announced in 2012, and people immediately began criticizing the decision, questioning why producers would choose an actress of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent to represent Simone, who was of African American descent and whose darker skin played a major role in her success and impact on society.

Brazil Confirms More Microcephaly Births, Dengue Cases Rise
Country reports further rise in suspected cases of a birth defect believed to be linked to the Zika virus
By Rogerio Jelmayer and
Reed Johnson
Updated March 2, 2016 11:52 a.m. ET

SÃO PAULO—Disease spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito continues to spread in Brazil, as the country reported higher numbers of cases of dengue and a further rise in suspected cases of a birth defect believed to be linked to the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

NEW YORK — POTUS will be making a debut appearance this year at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

No, that’s not some hipster band. It’s the 44th president of the United States. President Barack Obama will be the first sitting president to speak at the annual music, film and interactive media gathering, which drew more than 80,000 attendees last year.

President Obama will discuss civic engagement with Evan Smith, editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, during a keynote address on March 11. First lady Michelle Obama will attend as well to discuss the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which aims to improve education for girls around the world. That will take place on March 16.

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Trump: Yesterday it was the KKK - Today it's ties to the NYC Mob Families - Tomorrow More Tax Papers

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --Has the wheels fallen off of the RNC's red wagon? Again. . .

Ted Cruz Is Now Going After Trump for Alleged Mob Ties

video 122

Ted Cruz went there this morning. Yes, on Meet the Press, he actually raised questions about Donald Trump‘s ties to organized crime.

Cruz again attacked Trump over his tax returns, going through possible reasons why he wouldn’t want to make them public, including a lesser net worth than he claims and money he gives to liberal groups.
But Cruz also threw out “multiple media reports about Donald’s business dealings with the mob, with the mafia––maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported.”
Chuck Todd was pretty amazed by that and asked if he has any proof for that claim.


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Louis L’Amour’s Fallon

Book Review: Louis L’Amour’s Fallon


This is a western story of a drifter, con-man and gambler who is surviving, but just barely. In spite of himself, he helps create a new town, Red Horse. The new town will rise from the fraud infested desert ghost town of Buell’s Bluff, which was designed to swindle miners and eastern businessmen. Macon Fallon was way down on his luck, having barely escaped from Seven Pines. He spotted two wagons and travelers. The beginning of a plan to produce a stake flashes in his mind. One wagon had a busted wheel and the travelers looked warn and deflated. They had some water but not enough to just sit around and mope about the trouble they were in.

Looking at the wagons, Fallon put on his selling face. With a positive spirit and enthusiasm  on the outside, he approached the “sheep” he was going to fleece. On the inside he had to bury his feelings of sympathy towards the travelers. He needed his formulated plan of deception to work. Talking with confidence and optimism, Fallon extolled the advantages of revitalizing this old town he owned and how they could survive and prosper in it.

There is one person in the small group who visibly doubts him and his story, Gina Blane. This attractive, independent thinking woman was causing Fallon some doubt as to the potential success of his plan. Driving straight ahead, Fallon tried to keep his mind on the goal of a life of leisure in San Francisco.
Red Horse is threatened by the Bellows gang, Indians, anyone who knew of Buell’s Bluff and someone from Seven Pines. Pushing these problems to the back, Fallon continues to extol the town and the potential it has. Picking and culling new arrivals he builds a new town of strong and enterprising people pushing to make his plan work.

All of the problems and inner workings of this story weave an interesting tale. Written around a man, Fallon, who is good but has lost his way.  He is probably going to find his new path, without him even knowing it. I enjoyed this book again after rereading it. It is a wholesome story that draws the reader into the position of wondering how you would react faced with the same circumstances.

Louis L’Amour was a great storyteller and I am among many who read and reread his stories with enthusiasm.

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Extra Footage of 675 wreck Car goes airborne 100 mph crash hits bridge c...

Car slams into Metro bus after Seattle Police chase

  1. Car slams into Metro bus after  Seattle Police chase



    seattlepi.comJan 06 08:01 AM
    A man is in critical condition after he led state troopers on a chase up Interstate 5 at speeds over 100 mph then lost control of his car after leaving the freeway and slammed into the side of a Metro bus, the Washington State Patrol reports. 

    SEATTLE – A driver who led police on an overnight chase crashed into a Metro bus in Seattle at about 100 mph Wednesday morning.

    The crash happened at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and S. Henderson Street before 2:30 a.m.
    The driver was the only person on the bus. There was no immediate confirmation on the conditions of either driver.

    It’s not clear what led to the chase. The suspect was driving a rental car.