Wednesday, March 08, 2017

President Trump Playing a Dangerous Game with Words and Fire

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- President Trump's continued march into the footnotes of history as once the plaque was the biggest story in the world where it killed over 50 million people in the 14th century, or 60 per cent of Europe’s entire population.

What's the point that we write about these events in history?  It's because we always repeat the same things each and every generation.  We find ourselves going down the very same old tracks that leads us to the cliff and some of us to jump off the deep end and into the abyss never to be heard of again.

We tell our children that words do matter and the misuse of words really do hurt.  Yet we have a president that's bound and determine to slam each and everyone of us into the abyss without blinking an eye.  His true believers really pushes him into the direction that he is right and he continues the journey to the cliffs.

We pray that Mr. Trump will have his "Come to Jesus" moment sometime is our lifetime and pray that he never will get re-elected again, ever.  We know that this is what you get, when you do not vote and you rely on the other guy to do your job for you.  Mr. Trump is our reward for being lazy and disconcerting with our future and our children's future.  

As my mother would say, "You get what you pay for."  So if our fellow citizens voted a nut into the office of leadership, then we must endure it's outcome for the next four years.  At least, we are the lucky ones.  Imagine the country's where the president is elected for life.

What will be Trump's downfall?  One of his own "true believers" that is hanging on to his coat tails and eventually pushed to the side of the road, when his dream is crushed and his life is dismantled by the one person that he placed all of his hopes, dreams and prayers into.

Men are fragile and their reach is only as far as their hands can extent in front of them.  Men's shortcomings are predictable and common, and we fall very short of the promises we make to our fellow citizens.

Mr. Trump is a backlash of non-activity and in-fighting among our leaders who have lead us into "gridlock" for over twenty-five years.  Mr. Trump is the ice breaker that has shook up the country and the "standard" of  being normal.  Yet, he too will have his day and like Caesar, Mr. Trump has his Brutus in his midst that will betray and bring him down.  It's all in a matter of time.  It's all part of the "cycle" of living and power.  

In life, it's always the good, the bad and the very ugly that is in each of us that will have it's hand on the wheel and drive one of our follies to cross the line and send us into a head-on with reality.  Oh yes, the Devil reads the Bible and he prays too.  

Mr. Trump is not your friend and he will stab you in the back or in the chest - in a heart beat.  He loves only himself and the rest of us be damned.  He loves war, rumors of wars, chaos and destruction. This is his mandate.  Mr. Trump puts on a great show of during good, yet he degrades our wives, our women, our sisters and our mothers.  Mr. Trump care nothing about their medical cares, their wants, desires  and dreams.

Mr. Trump's deliberate lies about issues that are only-- one match flame away from hurt and destruction.  He says things that are false and he hurts with words that are wanton and can not be proven.  Mr. Trump does not know the words "I'm Sorry".  This is called the "Right Syndrome", where one is always right and one justifies the "rightness" of being right, even though it's out and out lies.   This too my friends shall come too an end in time. - KHS

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