Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Mark Levin Secretly Feeds "Poison Pill" to Trump in Obama Wiretap Story

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- Randi Rhodes calls President Donald Trump "Twitler", as he has a terrible habit on ranting and raving on his Twitter account when he does not like anything that does not go his way.

But believe it or not, President Trump's past week was coming to a comfortable close for him, even in light of the Jeff Sessions revisit of his answers to Congress.  However, all of this went for nothing, as Mark Levin slipped the President a Poison pill in the Obama apple with the story of the alleged wiretapping story that was not true or not proven, but definitely twitted as the truth by Mr. Trump.

Even if it is true, the President can not issue a wiretap order, and Levin obviously knows this, but tempted Trump anyway.  This writer does not know at this time to thank Levin or just marvel at the way he "baited" Trump into this grand tirade that set the forest on fire again.

By screaming "fire" in a crowded theater, Trump took to the bait like a shark that smell blood in the water.  Heck Rush Limbaugh could only dream of a chance like this with President Obama, when he stated that he wanted Obama to fail, even though with this failing, Limbaugh also sinks with the ship, but he did not care.  Remember, he was going to leave the country if Obama got elected.

So now, Levin has thrown gasoline on the fires, and has Congress in the middle of the act with investigations into everything that Mr. Trump is and has been involved in.  Mr. Levin does not know it, but this is just what the American public wanted so very much.

With the push of his "Talk Radio Button" Levin has given great hope to everyone, to prove that Mr. Trump's bank accounts and other holdings run red with Russian money.  It is working so well, that it has involved Mark Rubio who has nothing to do with this at all, but finds himself in the middle of this down pour.

As this writer stated early, don't know to give Levin a big bear hug, or just get out of the way as the large trees are going to start falling down around Mr. Trump.  Remembering the song call "Fire" by the Ohio Players.   It's just going to rain down alot of embers. - KHS
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