Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Comcast's X-Finity Dropping the Service Ball

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --If you have the Comcast Xnifinty internet services, I pity the fools, as Mr. T. would say, and that's includes me.  In the beginning the service was fine, than after twelve months with them, they began to fall very short of their promises.

It all began when on extended leave out of the Tennessee area, when the credit card that was being used, expired, and there was no other way to get back in time to renew the card numbers, as it was in the hands of the post office.

Comcast immediately calls and ask what would I like to do?  I tell them that I would be home in a couple of weeks and to just place me in a "holding pattern" until I get back into town and give them the new numbers and expiration date of the new card.  They agreed and allegedly that was that so we lead to believe.

Upon our return, we found that, Comcast had came to the house and cut the the wires, but also had placed our account with a collection agency.

The past bill was paid in an instant and they were to "turn-on' the switch as restore - the services.  After one hour on hold and several disconnects, it was discovered, that Comcast had cut the lines, and had scheduled a turn on date by computer for the following Tuesday, two weeks away.

Tuesday comes.  No tech, no service and unable  to raise Comcast.  Going to their "automatic" service center, it was discovered that the appointment had been moved to the end of the week, only after we had called them to verify that they were coming that day.

They use the words, " we apologize" so frequently, it has become curse words.

What I strongly suggest, is that if you want to use Comcast internet services with their "bate and switch" tactics" go ahead.  But as for me, I've had it with them and going to dump them all together for misrepresentation and lying all the time.  They can not live up to their words of "service" for any reason.  If you really want good services, don't use them!