Friday, August 30, 2013

Dave Chappelle WALKS OFF STAGE Throws Tantrum Over Noisy Crowd


What did the five fingers say to Dave Chappelle? GIMME MY MONEY BACK!!

Chappelle is under fire after storming off the stage at a comedy show in Connecticut last night. The comic apparently had a meltdown after being heckled by people in the crowd.

Chappelle had only been on stage for a few minutes when he started to become frustrated with the number of comments from the audience.

Chappelle stopped his routine -- lectured the crowd about heckling -- and then quietly sat on a stool for the next 25 minutes before finally walking off stage.

At one point during the meltdown, Chappelle told the crowd -- "I f**ked up when I left my show, you know why? 'Cause my show only has to be 22 minutes of television. I could've went on television, I could've read the phone book for 22 minutes and I would've got $50 million dollars. I shoulda done that sh*t but my ego wouldn't let me. Tonight is different. Tonight my contract says 25 minutes and I have 3 minutes left. and when my 3 minutes is up, my ass is gone." 

When people started to boo the comic, Chappelle responded, "You're booing yourself."

After the show, dozens of fans demanded a refund.  

It's not the first time Chappelle has exhibited bizarre behavior -- he stopped his show in Miami back in 2011 to check his text messages ... and in 2010, he "freaked out" on a flight from Jersey to Ohio.

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