Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Classic Oldies Falling out of Buyers Favor?

Kassof Study: Oldies/Classic Hits P1s Are Big On Nostalgia
October 14, 2013
For the past week, Mark Kassof & Co. have been releasing format-by-format results from the 2013ListenerThink survey. Monday brings us news that like most listeners, Oldies/Classic Hits P1s listen more than anything else to get in a better mood and to relax. What makes them different is that they (along with Urban P1s) are the top nostalgia listeners. Their listening to bring back memories of a specific time, place or event is well above average, as 38 percent of those surveyed said nostalgia is "very important" and 37 percent said "somewhat important." 
Another way these listeners deviate from average is that they don't seek as much excitement from their format. When asked if they listen to radio for excitement, only 18 percent of Oldies/Classic Hits P1s said that it "very important." Twenty-four percent said "not at all important." 
Finally, the Kassof study shows that Oldies/Classic Hits P1s are less motivated than most when it comes to listening "to hear things that get you thinking" or "to hear what other people are talking or thinking about."