Friday, August 06, 2010

KIT CARSON CO (IFS) - If you were really hungry and wanted something to eat while you traveled in the Kit Carson area, the "Trading Post Restaurant" was the place to go.  The food was great and the service exciting and quick.  As we made another stop there as we have for many months while researching our subject matter for publication, August 5, 2010, was a very sad day in the short history of the eating establishment.
     The place was just in chaos.
     The food which we loved was terrible and the kitchen help just stopped preparing food.  The food that did come out to the customers was over cooked, no seasonings, the food was cold, and the service just fell in the toilet.
      As for me, this will be my last stop there.  I'll drive the extra 50 miles to Hugo or Limon.  It's not worth your time or money to stop at this place anymore.
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