Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Confronted By Alaskan: “When Cash Was Waved In Front Of Your Face You Quit”

Sarah Palin was taping her television special for TLC, the one she’s doing with Kate Gosselin, where she was “thousands of miles away from DC out on a commercial fishing boat, working my butt off for my own business, merely asking the Democrat politicos and their liberal friends in the media: ‘What’s the plan, man’?” according to Shannyn Moore who reported on the incident.

…one Homer woman made a sign in her shed. She then took the 30-foot-by-3-foot banner out to the boat harbor. It said “WORST GOVERNOR EVER”. Kathleen Gustafson is a teacher married to a local commercial fisherman. She felt like Sarah Palin had let the state down by becoming a dollar-chasing celebrity and ignoring the oath of office she’d sworn on a Bible.

Billy Sullivan, who has a business there, helped Kathleen put up the sign, and used his phone to photograph what ensued. Gustafson didn’t anticipate an actual conversation with the former governor.

At one point, a Palin daughter chanted, “You’re just jealous.” Kathleen told Sarah she was disappointed that she dropped her responsibility to the state to became a celebrity. Palin said incredulously, “I’m honored. No, she thinks I’m a celebrity!”…

[Sullivan] was even told by one of the Palin daughters, “You’re an A-hole”. Charming family values.
The exchange included one of the Palin daughters.
Gustafson: You swore on your precious Bible that you would uphold the interest of this state, and then when cash was waved in front of your face, you quit.
Palin: Oh you wanted me to be your governor! I’m honored!
Gustafson: I wanted you to honor your responsibilities. That is what I wanted, and to be part of the political process instead of becoming a celebrity.
Palin: That’s what I’m out there fightin’ for America to be able to have a Constitution protectin’ us so we can have free speech…
Gustafson: In what way are you fighting for that? In what way?
Palin: Oh my goodness! To elect candidates who understand the Constitution to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our Constitution that will protect your freedoms…
Gustafson: By using your celebrity status.
Palin: How am I a celebrity? I’m honored that you think I’m a celebrity.
Gustafson: You’re certainly not representing the state of Alaska any longer.
Palin daughter: She’s representing the United States.
Gustafson: Yes, I know, you belong to America now, and that suits you just fine.
Palin: What do you do?
Gustafson: I’m a teacher…
Palin: (eye roll)
Gustafson:…married to a commercial fisherman.
Palin: So am I. We probably have a lot in common…I’m honored to meet you, I really am, and we both agree on the freedom of speech
Gustafson: Yes we do.
Shortly after that Gustafson’s sign was ripped down by someone in the Palin party.
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