Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kellyanne Conway - Call her a Nazi is an insult to Nazis

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) --Below is just a few comments posted at on the Kellyanne Conway news shows. It was virtually the same spin on all of the Sunday shows, on the issues of why didn't the press secretary go after over issues.

This proves that President Trump cares nothing about the news, just on the size of the audience, just like in television and the Nielsen Ratings scale. We will spin a story that we like and to heck with the American People or any other people anywhere else. These tweets that the president makes on individuals and things that don't means a "hill of beans" to anyone else but his bully pulpit.

This president's speech did not even mention President Obama. He totally dismissed him as a non entity. Did not mention his name once. Did not even acknowledge that he was even in the audience. Did not even thank him for his service to the country. Nothing. This only proves that the president is still on the "birther" trail and only he is the savior of the United States. - KHS

". . . All she does is dodge everything and make speeches about how amazing our new dear leader is. To call her a Nazi is an insult to Nazis. "

". . .Your hypocrisy makes me laugh."
". . .Trump called the CIA Nazis a week ago then bragged about his popularity in front of a CIA memorial for fallen CIA agents over the weekend. You voted for an egomaniac. Trump doesn't care about you or your family or your stupid factory job."
". . .Trump only cares about Trump and making Trump look good. That's it. That's all Conway is paid to do. She spins every conversation to make Trump look good and make everyone else look bad. Her famous "alternative facts" comment proves that explicitly.

"Alternative facts" are LIES.

". . .I'm just an average guy from London UK 🇬🇧 and from where I stand with average intelligence, you yanks are walking right into a cluster fuck of such a grand scale, and what is worse your cheering him on!!!"

". . .For Donald Trump, size matters -- most recently, when it comes to discussion of his inaugural crowds. But not when it comes to feuds: the president and top aides demonstrated again this weekend that no fight is too small, no spat too insignificant; they spent the first full day of his term focused publicly not on policy pushes, but on re-litigating the number of people who'd come in person to watch him take the oath of office -- and using it as one of several avenues of attack on the press."

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