Friday, August 28, 2015

Kenneth Howard Smith suffers Heart Attack

[C] 2015 SDCOG -  SDC OmniMedia Group CEO/President Kenneth Howard Smith
MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- It was reported that SDC OmniMedia Group's CEO and president Kenneth Howard Smith suffered a major heart attack on or about August 3, 2015.  This episode did contribute to some major damage to his lower heart valves while he was en route to Sacramento California. After spending several weeks in the hospital, Smith was outfitted with a portable ZOLL life vest until he receives his pace maker that will be implemented into his chest.

Smith released this selfie being wired up with the heart monitoring system that relayed information back to the nurses' station as to the condition of his

After Smith was admitted to the hospital, his test did not show any damage to his heart muscle, however, the enzyme was present and it was determined that a ten per cent lost of  tissue in the heart had been done along with damage to his kidneys.

Smith suffered a major heart attack back in 2004, and according to the doctors, he would sometime in the future suffer another major attack which did come at the beginning of this month.

Do to the major break thoughts in medicine, getting to a hospital in time is a key to surviving or dying right on the spot.

Smith current situation includes the condition that his heart lower half is not "talking' to the heart above half, if and when his heart is asked to speed up and or slow down.

Smith requests that everyone take this as learning moment, and to help identify those at that stage, both young and old who have heart disease and needs monitoring.

Currently, Smith is resting well and not over doing any strenuous activities.  Another contributing factor to his heart attack was the fires in the Napa valley that had help to delete the oxygen at his home.  

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