Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Senator John McClain Says ISIS Is Winning, Not The U.S.

By: Larry Stine

In northern Syria, where ISIS militants have been clashing with Kurdish fighters for weeks, nine coalition airstrikes in and around the key border town of Kobani.

This latest development has caused many officials in Washington to question the strategy of the U.S. "First of all, they're winning and we're not. And the Iraqis are not winning, the Peshmerga, the Kurds are not winning, and there's a lot of aspects of this," says Republican U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona.

"But there has to be a fundamental re-evaluation of what we're doing because we are not, we are not degrading and ultimately destroying ISIS. I don't believe that ISIS will take Baghdad, but I think they can take the airport and that is crippling. "I also think that they can infiltrate into Baghdad with explosives, suicide bombings, et cetera, they can really dislocate, well, the first thing you've got to do is recognize that this present pinprick bombing is not working," Sen. McCain said. "Second of all, you need more boots on the ground in the form of forward air controllers,

Special Forces and other people like that. You have to arm the Peshmerga, who are using old weapons that are Russian vintage against ISIS, who's using ours. You have to do, I believe, what the Turks are asking and that is we create a buffer inside Syria and a no-fly zone.

It's immoral to send free Syrian army people into the barrel bombing of Bashar al Assad. By the way, as we bomb ISIS, Bashar al Assad moves in and he has intensified his strikes against the free Syrian Army.
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