Thursday, February 05, 2015

Pro Russian Spies that are Americanized

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --As the United States begin to ratchet up services and weapons to the Ukraine fight, it is very obvious that the Pro Russian Spies living in America are going into full tilt mode.

Back in WWII we placed our fellow Japanese American citizens into "consecration camps" for alleged spying, or as the Truman lead government put it, "for their protection".

Today, we are going to face that race of Pro Russians who lives very comfortably in his or her suburban townhouse in Anytown USA, and  who is down for the "motherland" and making life for the average US citizen a "cakewalk" into self destruction.

The average Russian spy living in America is very savvy and only needs two pieces of equipment to be very effective; a high tech cell phone and a newspaper.

It's going to be an instant fight for the hearts of the Pro Russian spy living here with all the McDonald's, Cadillac's, and Levi's that come to us so easily.

How are we going to act when the first Russian attack is from another transplanted pro spy that will help deliver a blow for the "motherland?"
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