Friday, November 21, 2014

Professional Victims of Dr. William Cosby

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- It appears that Bill Cosby is between a rock and a hard place.  All of the acquisitions from over seven (7) women and counting.  Over three (3) decades the stories have been flying around this person.

So at this time, the women are pointing fingers and screaming that he spiked their drinks and take advantage of them.

No police reports for the most part, and a very tasty public that putting on a show of their own. As the old saying goes. . . you can never say "No" enough.

I feel for Mrs. Cosby, as she has been by his side forever, and how she stands the humiliation from all of this negative attention is beyond this writer belief.

Having been to several concerts of Mr. Cosby over the years, I have personally witnessed how the women would line up at the stage for autographs and just the chance to shake his hand and touch him.  I believe that he did not need any portion to "trick" any woman into having sex with him.  They were standing in line for a chance to be near him, and I know he could have had anyone of them at just a nod of his head.

Being an old man these days, I hope that Dr. Cosby is not hurting for any funds, as all of his shows of the past and his new current shows have been cancelled and or postponed.

As with anything else in life, your past does come back to terrorize you, if you have been bad.  I hope that this does not create a lasting effect on his pocketbook as well as his personal life.

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