Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cops are the new Baby Killers

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- As a Vietnam era veteran, I was called a "baby killer" by some of my high school mates, and spit upon.  I really never could give a good reason to show up at any of the high school reunions afterward.   It's been awhile since these terrible days of that war that I lost. 

In real perspective, back in the days of school, when we played a game and lost, it was always said, "why did you loose the game?"  But when the game was won, it was "We won!".  It's a pleasure and a shame that the title of baby killers be placed on the police force. It goes all the way back to Emmett Till, a 14 year old boy murdered by Southern police officers.  And the beat goes on and it never changes.  White police officers killing young babies, old men and women and they expect us to respect them. The police are a necessary evil, just like the Taliban who kill and oppress their villages and then whip the people with fear.

I don't know if I can tolerate these outlaws any longer.

Cops are the new Baby Killers - America's Department of Justice is starting to Target the Badges of bad cops.

When enough is enough. Darren Wilson says he'll do it again and would kill a kid and anybody else that looked like a "demon".

Cleveland police on Wednesday released the names of two officers involved in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy who had a pellet gun, an incident that has touched off protests in the area. The officers were identified as 26-year-old Timothy Loehmann, who was appointed to the force this year, and 46-year-old Frank Garmback, who's been with the department since 2008.

Cleveland dispatcher never relays the word that the gun is a fake. The kid was pulling up his pants. A child was playing in a playground and the cops kills the kid, and its justified.
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