Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Merrell Fankhauser

 Merrell Fankhauser
 Jan 10 at 11:47 AM
Hi Kenny,

So good to hear from you!

Yes, it was really something hearing from Glen JR. in Oct. who lives in Rosamond and seeing the box of master tapes! And I was amazed they all played well and transferred to digital with no problem.... I will make sure you get a copy when its released!

John and Patti who you met, drove me over and I did a interview with Glen JR. while John ran the camera, it was really something, he's now 62 and looked so much like his dad! 

Then we cruised through Lancaster, I couldn't recognize anything! Then we went out to Fox field where I worked, the office and hangar my dad built is still operating as a flight school! 

Then I noticed the building that we first had the office in and The Exiles practiced there.  Man talk about a nostalgic flashback to nearly 50 years ago !!

 The AV reunion concert should really be something also!   Carla Weston is putting an AD in the AV paper looking for bands and musicians from that time period, she has had contact with Marty Prue of "The Others" & "Rattlesnakes And Eggs".   I talked to drummer John French, he still plays once in awhile with members of "The Magic Band".  Who knows who will turn Up?

 Carla's going to do posters and radio ads. Think I told you Jim Ferguson of The Exiles heard me on Coast To Coast AM radio last June and we have reunited and played together at two events counting my B Day in Dec. on the Tiki Lounge backyard stage, he will be there! Yes Indeed, "History In The Making" !

 I already did an interview with "Shindig Magazine" about the tapes and reunion event and with the PR dept. at Gonzo Multimedia, the great UK label I'm on that's put out 5 projects so far...

 Shindig Magazine

I'm glad I can continue on doing music and performing at 70 yrs old!  I think of you often and all the times we had together.

I'll check out the blog and please stay in touch. I will keep you updated on everything.

All My Best,Merrell