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CARLA WESTON SKAGGS heads 1960's Antelope Valley Band Reunion at Hilton Gardens in Palmdale CA Starting July 19, 2014

ARROYO GRANDE CA (IFS) -- +Merrell Fankhauser reports that a reunion of all the bands of the Antelope Valley from the 1960's will be getting together for a big night of partying, singing and just a good old time to remember.  The event is being lead by +Carla Weston, the daughter of Country Music's legendary great +George Weston on July 19, 2014 at the +Palmdale Hilton Hotel in Palmdale, California.

With SDC Radio Networks release of the Top 50 Songs of 2013, with two songs on the list lead by Merrell Fankhauser and Captain Beefheart's "Diddy Wah Diddy" from the A&M Records Sessions.  For more information, email:  -

George Weston stands in this black-and-white photograph. While never finding a place in rockabilly stardom, Weston is remembered for a guitar prowess that was featured on the shows "Hee Haw," "The Grand Ole Opry" and "American Bandstand."

Dear Merrell,
This is Carla Weston Skaggs, George Weston’s daughter. So glad to hear you new my Daddy. He was so easy to be with, and funny. He played his guitar like as if it were oxygen to him. I just arrived home and received the package of autograph records. Daddy’s spirit is so happy. He loved you too.Thank you . Our Team spent a month traveling to talk with people and hear their stories of the late George Weston my Daddy. It was great, constantly going everyday, and foot stomping too. We video so many people that new Daddy I am so full of his life now ,so many stories,We want more…we have been putting all of his music and photos together for my book that I’m writing in honor of him.Then my lead found Glenn Mac Arthur Jr. We hadn’t seen each other since the 60′s , We were so jazzed, and then there it was Daddy’s music and yours ,and other artist just all boxed up. Eleven hours later or more there was my Daddy all back together almost.Daniel help me so much what a great person. He love music and did you see his guitars, he wants to go far with his music.So after all of that work then on a plane we go.We all met with the Team George Group in Auburn New York for the last week of our journey to work and recording all of his music . His first CD just came out I will send you a CD, and the next one will be out soon.Please send us your picture so that we can put in the book and a story about you and daddy too. Thank you so much
Team George

Hey Kenny

I recently went up to AV and Glen's son had a bunch of unreleased songs on two track masters! I bought them and below is what I've found!

 Carla Weston, Rock A Billy singer George Weston's daughter got a bunch of her dads songs also and I'm helping her make a CD.

 She's also promoting an AV 60's Band Reunion at the ballroom in the Palmdale  Hilton Garden Inn July 19th. It would be great if you could come and sing a song or two with us!

Best Always,
     "The Lost Desert Tapes"
                 1964 - 1967
Merrell And The Exiles - The Velvetones - Fapardokly

                      The Lost Desert Tapes
                             1965 - 1967
   Merrell And The Exiles, The Velvetones  And Fapardokly
 1. Merrell And The Exiles - 13th Child ( G. Weston)
 2.  Merrell And The Exiles - Love Only You
 3. The Velvetones - Fuzzy Wuzzy
 4. The Velvetones - That's The Way
 5.Merrell And The Exiles with Little Linda - Over You (A. Tousant)
 6. The Velvetones - Moon Shadows
 7.  The Velvetones - On The Beach
 8.  The Velvetones - Velvet Stroll
 9.   The Velvetones - Undercover
10. The Velvetones - Gerico (trad)
11. The Velvetones - Shell Never Be Mine
12. The Velvetones - MR. X
13.  Fapardokly - The Music Scene (alternate take w/ spoken intro)
                              (M. Fankhauser)
All Velvetones songs by Clint Stouvall
 Fankhauser Music ASCAP (C)2014 except tracks 1 - 4 - & - 9
Recorded at Glenn Records Studio
Palmdale California from 1964 - 1967
Unreleased and on the shelf for 50 years !