Thursday, January 03, 2013

MagicJack Service hits a "Low" in Customer Service

MEMPHIS TN(IFS)-- Just trying to dial out to a local land line number that is within the local 48 states, MagicJack wants you to purchase a prepaid for "local " telephone services.

Magic Jack - Is not free long distance calling - false advertising, support is below average - magic jack plus

Magic Jack advertises free long distance calling but that is not always the case. This is false advertising by Magic Jack. When I tried calling my Mom in Evansville, Mn I got a message something about conference call (which I was not doing) and that I need to purchase prepaid minutes. I could not call her long distance. I talked to my brother who also uses Magic Jack if he had any problems with calling my Mom and he said he did not. I contacted Magic Jack twice through chat. They say it is because the destination (my mom phone company) is charging a fee and that is why prepaid minutes need to be purchased. As I stated before my brother can call my Mom fine, so what Magic Jack is saying that it is the destination does not make sense. There customer service is below average, next to terrible, terrible is no customer service so I can't give them that. They basically say sorry that is the way it is. In fact my last chat with them they did not even give a chance to discuss any more and closed the chat. I'm going to keep Magic Jack though for the simple reason I can use my cell phone to call my Mom. The low cost I'm still saving money over using my current phone provider. My Mom can call us just fine. If you are going to use long distance of Magic Jack and is your sole source of making long distance calls I would beware. There was also a $20.00 charge to keep my current number. Magic Jack did not say that was free but I didn't see that cost listed either. It's possible it is out there and I missed it.

Magic Jack and MJ Plus - magicjack

I have just tried to make a call to a inside USA number, now, a new HIDDEN FEE to call another phone that IS NOT MAGIC JACK . I bought this so I wouldn't have to use a phone card or be commited to a monthly phone service. Now, magic jack had upped the annie with HIDDEN CHARGES. So, the $19.95 a year is now unknown. TO top it off, I just purchased a Magic Jack Plus and now it don't work. I am returning it for a exchange. I questioned it and can not get a refund.

Magic Jack is a Scam- Stay away from this company. They have had over 3500 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau !! - magic jack plus

Magic Jack is a scam, you buy the product and they can not give you the support to get your line hooked up. When you complain about the service they tell you your account is under review.When you ask what does that mean after you bought the product, they can not give you an answer. I spent more that 6 weeks fooling with these people and when I tried to return for a refund, they said it was past 30 days and no refund. This company should not be in business and has no business ethics.They just take your money with no results.