Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kenneth Howard Smith's Black's Law Dictionary

If you have children going to Law school this year or just need an easier way to read BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY - I have a searchable digital copy for you. In my first days of law school this book costed me $75.00 and by far the most expensive book I have ever purchased to this day. It is also the second best selling book in the United States next to the Bible.

My new searchable edition of Black's Law Dictionary (Unabridged) for your PC, MAC, iPad, etc. It's 1.9 Gig file, so I would like to put this on disk(s) and drop it in the mail for you. One disk will be a DVD or you can choose 3 Disks (CDRs). When you pay with paypal.com, the email address is sdcinternetics@msn.com . The price is $4.95 includes shipping and handling. Remember to put your name, address, city, state and zipcode. Article number is CKS-993801. Please allow two (2) weeks for shipping.