Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amy Weirich, Shelby County District Attorney General carries the Night at VECA Town hall Meeting

By Kenneth Howard Smith
KDTN Radio One Networks

 MEMPHIS TN (IFS)-- Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich did not miss a beat when she re-stated her intention to drive down crime in our communities. The VECA meeting was attended by fifty (50) local area residences and VECA members of the Vollintine and Evergreen Community Association (

 The Vollintine Evergreen Neighborhood Association's quarterly meeting and potluck this past Friday, September 21, 2012, was attended by DAG Amy Weirich. Also in the meetings were Memphis Police Departments' Lts. Carlos Woods and Gerald Ware who reported on police activities in the community. Under the direction of VECA Board members, Lilly Gilkey, Gloria Singleton, Maric Hendrix and many of the community, it was very informative and a good time by all and the food was very great.

Standing less than 10 feet away and in front of the eager and modest group, DA Weirich in live and living color delivered her war on crime and she stated that she could not do it alone, and needs each and everyone of us to help do our part and be the eyes and ears of the community.  Basically, ". . . If you see something, say something. Pick up the phone and make a call to help your neighbor.  You have to get involved in your community to help solve these crimes.  The days of hiding behind the blinds and "not seeing" anything is long gone."

By being the Shelby County DA, she places herself at the front of the battle along with Memphis' finest who carry the war to the streets on a 24/7 basis without a break.  Crime never stops and they find ways to always exploit each and every one of us.

One of the main questions from the group was the war on gangs and gang violence in our streets.  The questions lead Lts. Wood and Ware to point out that parents must take up diligence to example what their children are doing.  They said, that all rooms in your house belong to you, and you should monitor your children's friends, their habits, their literature, the color of the children's clothes, if they are wearing one color of clothing on an everyday basis too much.  If their demeanor changes.  Tattoos of gang type drawings, etc.

 The meeting started off with Lts. Carlos Woods and Gerald Ware of the Memphis Police Department's burglary division report of what was transpiring in the area. The program of collecting weapons off the street is one of their number one priorities, among others, as mugshots of recently apprehended suspects were displaced among the audience.

Memphis Police also dispelled true and untrue rumors about situations going on in the neighborhoods, and again warned the association to be on the look out for persons, who should be in school, are actually bugulars poising as students and bicycle gangs that do quick hit and run attacks on citizens walking the streets and homes.  Police also suggested that video cameras, motion sensor lights and a good dog is a vital offense to deter crime. 

Lt. Ware told the audience that with the new technology of GPS from the local cell phone carries, it was easy for parents to place borders as to where children could go and if they kids went beyond those points, then an email or instant telephone call to alert the parents will be triggered to inform them.  These services are available now.

 It In the last several months, DA Weirich's office has been pursuing the guilty and protecting the innocent in many ways. One area is by pushing for tougher legislation. Several new laws went into effect last week (or will in the coming months) that make our community safer.

In the war on drugs, law enforcement will have quicker access to pharmacy databases, allowing them to get meth makers and prescription drug sellers off the streets sooner. Additionally, combining the war on drugs with our responsibility to protect our children, tougher sentencing is available for those who manufacture meth in the presence of children.

 On the roads, those stopped for suspected DUI with prior DUIs or vehicular homicides will not be allowed to refuse a blood test. If you have a child in the car, you have no right to refuse. Third and fourth DUI offenders will have their license suspended for 6 or 8 years respectively. Those convicted of child rape, will face nothing less than 25 years at 100% up to 60 years depending on the defendant’s record.
 We have tougher sentencing options for those convicted of drive-by shootings and those parents/guardians guilty of “educational neglect”, i.e., not getting their children to school. Juveniles ages 14-18 convicted of certain violent sexual offenses and found to be at high risk for re-offending, will be placed on a sex offender registry. These are just some of the laws enacted.

A complete listing of the new legislation is available here from the General Assembly website. I am honored to serve as your District Attorney and promise you that my office will continue to pursue those whose mission it is to weaken our community.