Thursday, April 29, 2010

LIMON CO(IFS)- When I found out about the Arizona Immigration Law that was passed by the legislators and signed by the governor. I just new the state of Arizona must have billions of dollars in the treasury to give away to the lawyers.

This Arizona Bill is just a lawyer's bill for work!! A shovel ready employment law written for lawyers. You pick the most "tender spot" also known as the "hot button" of the electorate and exploit it and make those "concerned citizens" who love to be "excited about nothing" and make them everything with one issue, the same one from California Initiative #187, is alive and well and living in Arizona's leaders.

Do they realizes that they are going to go flat line in the wallet and bankrupt the state!!

Are they that nuts? Now other states is looking to bring this law into their states as voting issues. The problem is, it's going to work. It's going to be to many fires of immigration lawyers starting across the states. Congress better act on this one now!

I believed that we only heard "Show Me Your Papers". . . were only in the movies and not in Arizona."

The real passions are with the conservatives who want their country back. It's just a shot across the bow of President Obama's desk.

It's going to grow like wild fire in the dry grass and a gentle sweeping breeze - then it's going to sink ships of state.

This is the backlash of people with an attitude. Remember Thomas Pains' "Common Sense"? The news is instant and so is reactionaries. This is a great time for Congress to ready get on the ball and crack down on the invasion of 12 Million people in this country without papers.

It's at this time, I suggest again that we purchase Mexico.

Pay off their representatives and retire their government and let's just take over. The cost to purchase the government of Mexico and retire it's representatives is cheaper, then the cost of building a fence and the impending bankruptcy of the Great State of Arizona.

So I did a small random search and this is what I came up with as follows:

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Now, I'm not giving these guys any publicity, but it goes to show you that the law bill was written by lawyers for lawyers. It's like a banking bailout, or better yet; ". . . a shovel ready project for lawyers". They get to represent everyone from "FOR" and "AGAINST" to everyone and anything in between. It's a bonanza for Arizona lawyers.
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