Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I've only made three mistakes in my life," the 74-year-old orator said to scattered laughter across the room. His biggest being his underestimation of President Barack Obama.

"I told Barack that everything had a season and that this was not his season. Boy, was I wrong." Vernon said, whose backing of then presidential hopeful and long time friend Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Obama became controversial.

"I had been friends with the Clintons for years and in politics, all you have is your integrity. I refused to trade friendship for race," Jordan said.

Like many other black icons, Nov. 4 (Election Day) proved to be a momentous point in Jordan's life that validated what he had spent decades tirelessly fighting for.

"When the networks announced that Barack Hussein Obama was the president-elect of the United States, I did the only thing I could do: I cried." Vernon said to applause. "And the tears were not just my tears, they were the tears of my mother and father, of my grandparents, of generations of blacks."

Make it Plain tells Jordan's life story through his speeches, a story of fortitude and bravery that has been repeated throughout black history.
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