Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chief Justice John Roberts must have a long fuse, because it has taken him over two months to say anything about the blast that President Obama gave them during the State of the Union in January. Let's face it, the Supremes gave away the farm to the corporate world by letting them give unlimited money to elected officials, and silencing the average American voter. The outside influences with bales of money to the senators and congressmen from every foreign government will be welcomed and all citizens that vote will have their voices muted. So if the Chief Justice is appalled by their decision, it's because he engineered it and got the results he wanted. This all started with the Hillary Clinton presidential run with the local Virginia corporate putting up money to make a smear video against Clinton. So the Supremes wanted to expand its scope into the future and opened the flood gates of real corporate greed. Now, the Court does not want to be talked about in a negative way. They are apart of the government, and are not gods. We will hold their little feet to the fires of wrath and remind them of the terrible decisions they have made in the past. Remember the Dred Scott Decision? The one that caused the Civil War and the lost of millions of lives.
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