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Jeronimo Yanez - Poster boy for really "Sick and Scared" Cops in St. Anthony MN

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- This writer does not know to much about you Mr. Jeronimo Yanez, except that you are the "poster child of the month" for bad cops everywhere.  What is the breakdown for these "killings" is that the Police Do Not Listen -- their ears are closed off.  Their "Heat of the Moment" is created by their fear.  They create this madness and then place the blame on others.  Hell it's easier to do just that. . . create the problem and kill some too.

You can tell them the true and comply with their demands and, they will straight up and down lie and write in down that way.  Except, the cameras do not lie.  Without prejudice -- the camera continues to record what is happening without bias to either side.  Yet, the police manage to lie their way out of these situations every time.

Mr. Yanez, you really need to go back where you came from with a knife in your in your chest to cut out your heart.  I have been writing about these rogue cops with guns for over twenty years, and it keeps getting worst.  

If you are a person of color driving in the United States of America -- or walking in the United States of America-- you are a target!!

America Blacks are at the point where the Nazi's of Germany started rounding up the Jews and everyone else just because of their color.   Have the Afro-American community become like barn animals to be rounded up and disposed off in prisons and murdered in the name of JUSTICE!  THIS IS IN-JUSTICE.  This is not the America I know and served in the military for.  How many years must I go on writing about these in-justices?  How many more times, must this writer document another crazy cop that is "SCARED".  Why are "you scared cops" with guns and a bad attitude -- on the police force?  Get yourself another job and be happy.  Because the job that you have now does not suit you at all.

This writer fines that the majority of Afro-Americans are law biding citizens, businessmen and women, teachers, contractors, fathers, brothers and sisters, with many young Black women dying the jail cells all across this country without very little press.  

Blacks contribute Billions of dollars to the economy and make Billions of dollars for industry.  Yet, we are targets all the time.  There are stories about then Attorney General Eric Holder on a run in Washington, D.C., and was stopped and harassed by the police.  They did not even know the person they stopped -- was their own boss, and the Number #1 Cop in the nation, and yet he is treated with discuss, disrespect  and contempt.

"It's really --  "JUST- US". . . Don't fall for that you are apart of America stuff.  If you are a person of color and living in America -- YOU ARE A TARGET!! 

The largest members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) should be the black community.  You are going to die if you don't have a gun. . . so die with a gun in your hand.  

With this "WHITE IS RIGHT" mentally from the police, we fine one thing time and time again in history, is that the police is always the point guard for carrying out "JIM CROW LAWS" with the dogs and water hoses, and now it's still the same old dogs and the racist cops that love to kill. 

As crazy as it gets, the NRA has said nothing about this crime.  What should we do about the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota?  It's obvious that their citizens do not give a damn about their fellow citizens and continue to hire racist persons to be police in their "Fair" city.  

St. Anthony is not apart of the America I know.  It is the tip of the iceberg for total "targeting" of persons of color.  The fatal shooting of Philando Castile by Jeronimo Yanez who lied even with the police cameras rolling and recording what really happen.  Yet, he was acquitted for killing a person, because he was "Scared".

"There is a disturbance in the force, Luke Skywalker." 

The rubber band has been stretched to the limit, and the reaction force will be to much and will tear this country apart.  If you believe that the Civil War was something. . . the next chapter in American history -- will be like the scenario in the movie 'The Postman".  It can go there in an instance.  

Mr. Yanez' life will be great.  He will get endorsements from the likes of every race hater in the country.  They will lift him high as a big fat balloon rising into the air.  Mr. Yanez will be hailed as the new leader of death.

This writer will not praise Mr. Yanez, but will only place a sharpen pin into his doll likeness and ask the gods for your destruction.  The only right thing to do is let Mr. Yanez live. . .and be hailed as a hero for killing young black men, killing fathers of color with their children watching.  

So you want "US" to like you and respect the Police?  For what?  You are the ones that perpetrate death and destruction and yet you want to blame the citizens and ask US to be one with the police.  

You are the poison -- Mr. Yanez, 

I hope that you will burn in hell and that you live a very long long life and have nightmares that drive you to jump off a bridge -- any bridge -- head first and put yourself out of your miserable existence.  No disrespect to the great police officers in this country who do their jobs.

Mr. Yanez, Sir you are the poster boy for really "Sick and Scared" cops.  You really made a very bad career choice.  It's obvious that you cheated on your "Personality Examination".  Maybe, you should have gone for the street sweeter position. . . and again maybe not.  You can't be trusted with government equipment. - KHS

5 Disturbing Statements By The Cop Who Shot Philando Castile
By Huffington Post

Disturbing information surrounding the fatal shooting of Philando Castile last July has emerged this week after a jury found a Minnesota police officer not guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the death.
On Tuesday, newly released dashcam footage of the traffic stop by St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez showed a quickly escalating situation after Castile was pulled over in the St. Paul suburb for having a broken taillight. Castile, in the car with his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter, at first calmly informed the officer he had a firearm and is told by Yanez not to “pull it out.” He tells the officer he is not and is then shot several times. In audio from the footage, Castile can be heard saying “I wasn’t reaching” as the gunfire ends.
Throughout the trial, Yanez maintained that Castile was reaching for the weapon, but his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, said he was reaching for his wallet. Reynolds’ live-streamed video following the shooting went viral and prompted massive protests in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
Now a transcript of an interview between investigators and Yanez reveals the officer’s shocking interaction with Castile, including the quick escalation. Five passages from the transcript are below, with emphasis added. The mistakes in the transcript are from the original.

1. Castile clearly stated he had a gun, and the situation’s escalation was “split second.”

Investigator: “From the time he mentioned to you that he had a firearm, weapon, um, what was the timeline? Did he immediately announce that at start ...?”
Yanez: “I can’t remember if he immediate announced it but it caught my attention right away and it seemed like it was split-second from the time he told me to the time he was reaching down, to the time I gave him direction, to the time he had the his hand wrapped around it and then I gave him more direction and shots were fired.”

2. Castile made a “C-shape” with his hands, and it was dark inside the vehicle.

Yanez: “He dropped his hand down and, can’t remember what I was telling him but I was telling something as his hand went down I think. And, he put his hand around something. And his hand made like a C shape type, um, type shapeand it appeared to me that he was wrapping something around his fingers and almost like if I were to put my uh hand around my gun like putting my hand up to the butt of the gun.
“And then I lost view of it. Cuz he kept canting his shoulder and then I believe told him again I can’t remember don’t do it. And then he still kept moving his hand and at this point I looked and saw something in his hand. It was dark inside the vehicle, I was trying to fumble my way through under stress to look and see what it was to make sure uh what I was seeing.But I wasn’t given enough time and like I said he had no regard for what I was saying. Didn’t follow my direction. And, uh he started reaching out and then pulling uh away from his uh his right thigh. I don’t know if it was in his pocket or in between the seats or the center console. But I, I know he had an object and it was dark. And he was pulling it out with his right hand. And as he was pulling it out, a million things started going through my head. And I thought I was gonna die.”

3. Yanez said the car smelled like “burnt marijuana,” and he wasn’t sure if Castile’s gun was for protection “from a drug dealer.”

Yanez: “As I get up to the car I’m hit with an odor of burning marijuana .... And I know it’s already been smokedand I’ve been around uh through my training I’ve been around burnt marijuana and uh as a police officer I’ve been around burnt marijuana and uh fresh marijuana. So I know the distinct smells between both.
“I can’t remember if I asked for his ID or not but, I know I asked for his ID or his driver’s license. And then he goes I have a gun. And as I’m telling him or as he’s telling me that he’s reaching down between his right leg, his right thigh area and the center console. And he’s reaching down and I believe I’m telling him something along the lines of don’t reach for it, don’t do it. Referring to the, uh the firearm. Yep. Because usually people that carry firearms carry ’em on their waistband. Um and or in between the seats and being that the vehicle smelled the inside of the vehicle smelled like marijuana um Ididn’t know if he was keeping it on him for protection, for, from a, a drug dealer or anything like that or any other people trying to rip him. Rip him meaning steal from him.”

4. Yanez said Castille fit the description of a robbery suspect and had a similar “wide-set nose.”

Investigator: “Do you remember what you pulled ’em over for?”
Yanez: “I was keeping my eye on 2424 Larpenteur which is a convenience store on Larpenteur at the intersection of Larpenteur and Eustice. It’s on the southwest comer of the intersection. Um, I wanted to pay attention to that because we had a strong armed robbery last week uh which involved two African American males um, one having a firearm and pointing it at the clerk and then the other uh the victim to!d me that he also had a firearm but I wasn’t ab!e to see it when the video was reviewed. Um, so I was sitting at a intersection and I see a white vehicle. I can’t remember what kind of vehicle it was. Um but I see two occupants. What I believed was two occupants inside the car. And I couldn’t make out the passenger. But I knew the passenger had a hat on. And I couldn’t make out if it was a guy or girl I just knew that they were both African American and the driver uh appeared to me that he appeared to match the uh physical description of the one of our suspects from the strong arm robbery, gunpoint.”
Investigator: “What is that description?”
Yanez: “Um it was a (sigh) I can’t remember the height, weight but I remember that it was, the male had dreadlocks around shoulder length. Or longer hair around shoulder length. And, um it wasn’t specified if it was corn rows or dreadlocks or straight hair. Um and then just kind of distinct facial features with like, a kind of like a wide set noseand uh I saw that in the driver of the vehicle.”

5. A 4-year-old girl in the car, the daughter of Castile’s girlfriend, was in the line of fire.

Investigator: “Where is the little girl seated?”
Yanez: “She was seated behind, directly behind the front seat passenger. But diagonal, uh, from where I was standing. Um, so basically behind the driver. And then, so...”
Investigator: “Behind the driver or the passenger?”
Yanez: “So if I’m facing the driver she was, she was diagonal from him. Behind the backseat or front seat passenger. So she was in my line of fire. Um, but I made sure that I directed my firearm down and as best as I could and let off rounds and as the rounds were going off I thought he was still moving for his gun and (sigh) I it just seemed like he was pulling out the gun and the barrel just kept coming. It seemed like something was just coming out and I thought it was a gun ...
I don’t remember how many rounds I let off. Um I remember seeing the last two rounds go off and I remember seeing one of those rounds hit him in the arm. Uh his glasses flew off. I’m not sure if it was from gunfire or from him uh whipping his head back or anything like that. Uh but uh as that was happening as he was pulling at, out his hand I thought, I was gonna die and i thought if he’s, if he has the, the guts and the audacity to smoke marijuana in front of the five year old girl and risk her lungs and risk her life by giving her secondhand smoke and the front seat passenger doing the same thing then what, what care does he give about me. And, I let off the rounds and then after the rounds were off, the little girls was screaming, I held the suspect at gunpoint. His arms came up into view. And they were up by his chest I can’t remember what I said. But I acknowledged this little girl first. Cuz i wanted her to be safe.”
This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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