After 13 years, Moog has revealed that it will cease production of its beloved Minimoog Voyager synth.
Launched in 2002, the Voyager is renowned for being both the last synthesizer that founder Bob Moog designer “from start to finish,” and also signaling “the rebirth of Moog Music, and the re-emergence of the analog synthesizer as a viable creative tool in our increasingly digital world.”
The Minimoog Voyager is also considered to be one of the most beloved hardware synths, so as a special goodbye, the company will be thanking its customers by handcrafting 600 final units at its factory in Asheville, NC, along with offering 20% off on all Minimoog Voyager upgrades, modifications and calibrations to existing domestic customers until 2016.
While there has been some confusion as to whether every Voyager model will be discontinued, Synthtopia cites a contact at Moog Music who has stated that “[e]verything except the Minimoog Voyager XL is being discontinued.”
In happier synth news, the company has also announced the Eurorack-compatible Mother-32, a desktop semi-modular synth that functions both as a standalone unit and a Eurorack module that is fairly affordable, at $599. So, that’s pretty tight. Check the Mother-32 out here.
mother-32 moog
Meanwhile, Moog has created a video to celebrate the Minimoog Voyager’s end, which features an interview with Trent Reznor, scored by The Haxan Cloak, using both the Minimoog Voyager and a prototype Mother-32. Watch below.