Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eric Casebolt: McKinney Texas Police Officer

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Having lost the confidences of his superiors and other officers, Mr. Casebolt is now unemployed and has resigned his commission and turned in his badge and gun.  Putting all of the evidence together in this short piece, this writer has concluded the following:  A private party was given; Uninvited guests began to jump over the fences; the local swimmers began to complain to the security guards; verbal threats, i.e., "get back over the fences and behind those bars where you belong; teens and locals pool goers start having fist fight; security guards not being listened too and are overwhelmed by the teens and their disrespect for the officers; the security officers called in the police; teens are still unruly and disrespecting the police; more police are called in; and all hell breaks loose.
CONCLUSION:  Officer Casebolt should not have resigned.  Watching the video, he is "rushed" from behind and his side by two males.  This writer would have pulled his service revolver too, not knowing what the intent of these two males were.  The idea of him placing the black teens on the the ground and letting the "other" teens go about their business is kind of disturbing at first.  However, not all of the black teen males were retained and ordered to the grass.  The main video is being recorded by one of the black teens and he is following the police all over the scene in various parts of the pool area inside and outside. Casebolt should have be given a "timeout" and a vacation and not loose his job.  This was way over the top.  Why was this teen female being arrested?  She was yelling at the officer, he clearly bypasses several other females and goes after just this one.  During her interviews on FOXTV and other outlets, she states that she said nothing, but at some point in time, a video with the audio file will surface with the beginning and the confrontation with the police.  It will become public and then you will watch her change her story or say nothing at all.

Corporal Eric Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave by the McKinney, Texas, police department after a video surfaced that raises questions about his actions during an incident at a public pool. Casebolt and other officers responded to the pool on June 5 for a report of a disturbance involving multiple juveniles who were not permitted to be there and were refusing to leave, police said. Casebolt's conduct with the teens, who were mostly black, has sparked outrage on social media. Watch the video here and read more about Casebolt hereTeens who were at the community pool told Buzzfeed News the fight started between adults and teens when the adults made racist comments, including telling the black youths to “return to Section 8 housing.”
Section 8, or public housing, has been an issue in McKinney in recent years.
The city was sued in 2009 over alleged housing discrimination, according to the International Business Times. The city settled the lawsuit, with an agreement that 400 low-income housing units be built. The first portion of those units, a 164-unit complex, is being built now.
Craig Ranch, the community where the pool is located, is a master-planned community with a homeowner’s association. Neighbors say more than 70 uninvited teens showed up to the party, which included a DJ.
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