Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lachi's "The Boss EP" | Out June 23 through Trend Def / SONY Music Distribution

The ice caps are melting, republicans are filibustering and cops are being held accountable for things!!?  These truths can only mean one thing: the world is changing! But even as the labels crash and burn, and the indy internet options crash and burn, we're still doing whatever we can to put out dope music and communicate to the universe the way the soul was meant to be heard! Here's my next contribution:

"The Boss EP" | Out June 23 through Trend Def / SONY Music Distribution
Not long ago I headed out to LA to co-write with Mike Gonsolin (Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, Limp Bizkit) and NIck Nittoli of Platinum Hit and wrote the songs of The Boss EP.  The EP will come out June 23rd on all online stores! Sorry, you'll have to come to a show for a physical copy! :)

The tracks on this EP have already seen some major placements including a placement of the “What it Feels Like” instrumental on E’s Total Diva’s, but more significantly, a feature of the single track, “Boss” on Bad Girls Club’s Reunion Season.  Placed at a rather intense moment in the season, where resident Bad Girl, Natalie, is removed from the show for being a little too bad for the club!  I'll then follow up the release with an EP Release show at Mercury Lounge on June 28 with awesome supporting acts and sponsors!  More on that to come! 

The Boss EP
We're also shooting a music video for Boss with CT Productions, so stay tuned for that and the long-awaited kickstarter rewards!  

Other awesome things happening with my upcoming book release in July and an endorsement by a Major clothing line! So keep it locked for updates on that!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support, and for believing in my plight to just DO it!
Best and love,
Lachi Music LLC
W 56th St, New York, NY 10019
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