Sunday, January 25, 2015

Posted from Little Rock Arkansas on Craig's List - Stupid colored people - 25 (The Getto)

I hate you stupid apes and your nasty getto lifestyle. I know this might be hard to take but you people are nasty and act like animals. 

Your women stink like rotten shit. 

I watched the new planet of the apes the other night and man that was eerily similar to furgusion. I have tried to be civil my whole life but fuck it. Believe me there is a movement growing of white people like me that have enough of your ape shit. 

We are tired of your attitudes and your constant white bashing. You will never be the superior race cause your all too stupid to do anything but drag you knuckles and knock up your fat "Diva" BBW stinky pussy bitch. 

I worked hard to get the things I have and the last crackhead chimp that tried to rob me got two 9 mm bullets in his chest. All I hear now from you people is "race war" well ok let's do it and see how it ends. Go ahead and chimp out. 

I have never seen such ignorance in any culture like I have in American chimps. I swear a black man could rob a bank holding his ID to the camera and be caught leaving the bank with the money in his hand and still he would swear it wasn't him. 

I watch cops all the time and I swear to god you chimps are so fuckin stupid. you get caught red handed and still swear it wasn't you. You are a pathetic breed of no good lazy animals that leech off the whites. 

And your stupid "e bonics" every time I hear you chimps talk I have to Google half your words up and no iam not 80 iam 25. I am pretty sure in about 20 years you will sound just like actual chimps ooh ooh ahh ahh. Good luck living your getto lives. 

I am sitting in my living room in my beautiful house behind a closed gate with the rest of my white neighbors while you live in filth. Peace....


So you want the white man to stop lying. 
Fine I won't. 
I hate your fucking guts, just the smell of you niggers disgustes me. 

I wish white man was smart enough to create a plague to wipe you out, if we have tried we haven't been lucky enough. 

Just keep on bitching everyone keep denying the fact that We are at war with blacks everyday. Your race is no better than the white man you do nothing but destroy everything in your black ass path to.

Its just human nature to hate and to cause destruction and devastation. Black or white the skin doesn't change the man. Last time I checked we were all animals whether it be barbarian savages or black gorillas. I would hate you no matter what it's just natural. 

Yes I am a fucking barbarian savage I do hate niggers at least I have the balls to say what the rest of you small peckered crackers and humungous cocked gorillas won't. Fuck off niggers


Oh boy, the ignorance on these posts are to much. 

I see someone didn't do research before he posted a quote from a racist who doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about. 

Charles Darwin sound like the biggest bigot ever. Africans were the first to circumnavigate the globe. You idiots and this white supremacy will learn one day. 

Lies eventually catch up with you in the end. You mutants have been angry every since you lost your melanin. When you mixed with the Neanderthals you went into savage mode. Keep the lies going between each other. 

That type of ignorance will only ride in the backwoods of Arkansas and Mississippi. If you ever want to travel abroad or converse with anyone other than a hillbilly. 

You will have to read something other than the back of a kkk pamphlet.
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