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Memphis TN Kroger Store Flash Mob injures Employees

MEPHIS TN (IFS) -- What is going on in Memphis TN? Every week it does not fail that something very bizarre is happening with its youth that have gone out of control. This is very sad for the whole city. Where are the parents of these thugs? There is going to be lawsuits up the trees.

Comments: Stream gray73 9 hours ago This isn't a fight this is a bunch of monkeys attacking a 17 year old working kid and it took 50 of the cowards to do it.  Reply · 279 View all 29 replies Sterling Archer 31 minutes ago Apes gonna ape. Reply · 1 Robert M Wright 29 minutes ago +Clay Talbert a big F U Reply · brady hall 8 hours ago Holy fuck that guy kicked him so hard in the head lol Reply · 3 View all 12 replies tintanknowsbest 4 hours ago i saviored ur demon mom last night scrub Reply · Mandy Ball 12 minutes ago +tintanknowsbest Are you stoned??? Reply · Berta Lovejoy 4 hours ago This man was clearly being sexist, justice was served to him. As you can see there are many females in this gathering, and a few angry males, suggesting that the white male made offensive, sexist remarks to the females. The black males, who were rightly offended, defended the females by beating up the misogynistic male. As a feminist, this video pleases me as justice was served. Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.  Reply · 33 View all 38 replies Silverarmydog s 1 minute ago STOP TROLLING on every reddit post! Reply · 1 Thomas O'Malley 1 minute ago Well Berta that boy was 17 years old and made no comment about anyone. Instead those criminals attacked him for the thrill of it. He did not do anything to deserve that and honestly his family and his friends would appreciate it if you shut your mouth and stopped lying about what happened.  Reply · 1 dsf sadf 1 hour ago And black people wonder why they are looked down apon as a race Reply · 13 Headless Eyes 59 minutes ago No I look at all bad parents equally the same. =shit Reply · dsf sadf 57 minutes ago good point Reply · HerpyMcDooves 8 hours ago Ebola is the only answer to the nigger pandemic Reply · 123 View all 6 replies Paul Turner 3 hours ago yep Reply · 2 ApocalypticAztec 2 hours ago Lulz Reply · 1 Shaun Holt via Google+ 59 minutes ago Idiots like the ones in this video are the reason more people need to arm themselves. Where were the police.... where was security... Why didn't anyone try to stop it? George Hayes originally shared this I am 100% for people being armed and gunning this type of trash down. If you act like a savage you deserve to be treated no better than such. Seriously, if I had been there I would have started dropping bodies on the ground. Fight at Memphis, Tennessee Kroger 9-6-2014 Reply · 6 View all 6 replies Robert M Wright 22 minutes ago +Brian Clancy caution apes throwing feces ! damn they were tossing bottles of piss in ferguson. waste of jenkum Reply · Brian Clancy 19 minutes ago Turd tapper ain't black, spelling's too good.  Reply · Sam S 49 minutes ago I genuinely feel bad for every hard-working black american out there who has to put up with so much shit because of the dumb things niggers are doing. It's tragic really. Reply · 5 Headless Eyes 39 minutes ago Well heres the thing I do too but you got cops trying to get these fools out of their communities and they too are at odds with them. They need to work together. Or this is going to get worse as it already is. Reply · ZoomZip 4 hours ago Why can't we just spread Ebola amonst these africans in Atlana, Memphis, and the rest of the deep south? Reply · 8 singedrac 2 hours ago Because it would quickly spread to whites, duh. It's not like whites are magical angels immune to ebola. Reply · 5 Animosite 1 hour ago +singedrac Do we know this?  Reply · 1 J Bovenzi 5 hours ago And they call the white man RACIST! Time for the black community to start taking responsibility for their own actions!  Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago Everybody's racist, man. Reply · J Bovenzi 8 minutes ago +singedrac No NOT everybody. I don't give a crap what color your skin is. I judge you by how you conduct yourself. In my opinion and what that's worth... it's the ones that are calling "racism" that are the true racists! Again, just my opinion but that seems to be the way it is.  Reply · coffeekissed 3 hours ago I find it so bizarre how these guys can do this and not feel any sympathy. How can they not feel sorry for stomping on a man's head when he's already down? It's scary how cruel some people can be. That being said, I don't think it's fair for there to be so many racist and offensive comments here. These youth gangs aren't acting like this because they're black. They act the way they act because of the surroundings they grew up in. You'll see this same kind of mob behavior anywhere in the world if the conditions are right. Reply · 4 View all 6 replies Tiffany Sexton 1 hour ago do you live here??? in Memphis or on this planet?? What part of "hey look. they got a white guy" is not racist??? sheesh Reply · 2 Brian Cook 1 hour ago Sympathy?! This is Memphis.  Reply · 1 Hayden Joose 9 hours ago How's that diversity working out? Reply · 131 View all 5 replies Zane Beadles 6 hours ago +Hayden Joose The alpha male niggers usually do all of these successively until there's white woman mutilated and dead in an alley or a field and a broken hearted family left with the grief, and a nigger dumbfounded that "the dayum cracka judge be rayciss and put me in lockup with muh uncles and brothers"... Reply · 13 tintanknowsbest 3 hours ago +Zane Beadles family reunion motherfucker Reply · NorthMemphis82 7 hours ago Not every African American do stupid shit like this regardless of what the little guy did jumping him wasnt necessary now i see why they hate us so much cause certain people feel like they got a point to prove by doing dumb shit who the fuck hangs out in Kroger lot tho the new generation is fucking all of us up i apologize on they behalf but this racist shit thats being said has to stop  Reply · 26 View all 18 replies Mary Bayne 2 hours ago Well not ever caucasian american deserves to wipe the asses of black people for the rest of our lives not any of yall have been enslaved so stfu stop attacking caucasian americans! we done nothing to your generation grow the fuck up thank you!  Reply · 1 Alana Shary 2 hours ago Like Hopsin said, Man, why do black people gotta be the only ones who can't evolve Cause you in the streets acting like a neanderthal It's clear you can't stand the law, you're lost as an abandoned dog And all you're interested in is fighting, rapping, and basketball I can't even fuck with you, cause if we out in public You gon' get caught stealing some shit and get my ass in trouble, too Reply · 2 KiloSierraAlpha 6 hours ago Where is Оbаmа? Where is Holder? Are they coming to visit the victim? Reply · 21 View all 3 replies Tj Gardner 51 minutes ago Obama isnt God, he can only be at one place at a time and im pretty sure he has plenty more things in the whole United States to take care of as well. Reply · 1 Turd Tapper 24 minutes ago +singedrac playing golf and sucking white men's cocks--that is their job Reply · Isaias Miguel 8 hours ago Hate crime, of course the media wouldn't cover this type of issue towards Whites. Let one or two or maybe 29 of these mofo's get Michael Brown'd.  Reply · 8 View all 2 replies singedrac 1 hour ago It's funny you think "the media" doesn't include YouTube. Reply · aligncars10000 7 hours ago This is why I carry a gun around ( I have a permit). The parking lot would have been littered with dead black people all over the place.  Reply · 9 singedrac 54 minutes ago Head on over, then! Reply · Turd Tapper 23 minutes ago it would have been littered with your piss and feces as your bowels and bladder involuntarily released Reply · cptslapchop 3 hours ago It's almost as if stereotypes exist for a reason and are usually completely logical and correct. Oh wait, that is how it actually is. Reply · 8 View all 3 replies Angels Wings 1 hour ago +singedrac What's worse? Being racist bigots because they see black people doing bad things? Or being a black person that does bad things.  Reply · 2 Turd Tapper 22 minutes ago +singedrac make me a sammich, negro Reply · Jack Costas 2 hours ago I love seeing oppressive whites being culturally enriched by ethnic minorities. It is almost as good as getting my monthly paycheck for the JIDF. Reply · 12 View all 5 replies singedrac 2 hours ago +BoostinSpec450 Hahahaha.. as if the money from black music sales mostly goes to blacks. Reply · John Stokes 2 hours ago +BoostinSpec450 lol Reply · Richard Bea 5 hours ago First of let me tell you this bunch of kids is not making up for all of black people or any race. There people that cause trouble in every color black white yellow orange blue green does not matter. So stop with the raciest comment because GOD see all and does not like it. Also these kids need to be put in jail I hope they find them very soon. Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago Those blues are the worst, man. Reply · eparedrum 5 hours ago (edited) The weather forecast should start including chimp-out predictions, as they seem to be a frequent occurrence across the country, and people would most likely appreciate a little heads up.  Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago Heads up: We're a nation of chimps. To avoid chimp-outs, please move to the area of lowest population density. Maybe go off the grid. Reply · Guynumber7 2 hours ago the only solution in this case is to mow all these niggers down with an MG-42 Reply · 8 singedrac 2 hours ago Go ahead and be the first to try it out. Let me know how it goes. Reply · 1 Glenn Haygood 16 minutes ago He wasn't the only victim. Two others who were black were also attacked. They were playing a game called "point em out, knock em out" while this may not be a hate crime, I do hope they catch them all and charge them accordingly. Really does make it harder to be black. Reply · Headless Eyes 1 minute ago I see now it was posted finally Reply · Kaptain Kek 5 hours ago White on black fight - all over the news. Black on white fight - media is silent. These fucking chimps belong back to their cages! Slowly destroying our society since 19th century. Reply · 35 View all 7 replies Angels Wings 3 hours ago +Dustin Carter True. But I meant in America. They will never be the model minority in America. Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago Kaptain Kek you are truly a captain and tribute to fedora neckbeards everywhere. Reply · Bryant Hulbert 5 hours ago This is pure ignorance and not funny at all. I'm black and whether this scenario was on the other side of the spectrum it wouldn't be right either. Injustice does not have a color, unfortunately most people act out in way that tries to say different like in this video Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago I honestly like your comment. I don't see many people saying, "some guys giving another guy a beatdown. this is terrible." It's terrible. Don't need to bring skin color into it. Reply · Gurkis001 7 hours ago Tell me diffrence between these tards and apes. That girl too - somebody call someone, dumb bish, you're the one holding phone, dumb nigglets damn Reply · 1 singedrac 1 hour ago There's no difference. We're all apes. You included. As am I. Reply · lost4468yt 49 minutes ago +singedrac "We're all apes." No we're not, learn some biology. Reply · Bebe Sanchez 1 hour ago ok, but how about the mobs of white kids in Collierville and Germantown who loiter in parking lots and beat down any black person they see?? Why dont yall talk about that injustice. Reply · Jay Davis 29 minutes ago Beat down any black person they see? Please show me that video. Please. Reply · josh h 4 hours ago What are you're thoughts on this one? It's been a busy week eh? Reply · 2 Tiffany Sexton 1 hour ago not quite the same thing since we have no audio to know but they all deserve a cap in their a** & kneecaps, gut, their special happy places..... not sure what was up with the random guy late to the party - just an idiot needing friends I presume Reply · charismatic9904 10 hours ago We need to start killing all these fucking niggers. Reply · 155 View all 13 replies strandwolf 1 hour ago +Robert Frost I wonder if he'll still have any marbles after those headkicking maneuvers perpetrated on him. Where's AG Holder, or is this supposed to be localized run-of-the-mill frolicking? Reply · strandwolf 1 hour ago +Kate Gill That's the problaymo, Katie. His kind is outbred by the sub-animal types. Reply · Jon O 10 hours ago But, but - it's Tennessee - where were all the gun-toting heroes who keep promising us they'll save the day? Reply · 14 View all 9 replies singedrac 2 hours ago +John Murley You should move there and help them out with your guns. Or are you just all talk? Reply · John Murley 2 hours ago I work there partner......I will shoot the thug that tries this in my view. You can bet Reply · Peyton Campbell 9 hours ago I swear if the kids were white and the victims were black, it would without a doubt be a racist crime. Stupid fucking niggers. Reply · 44 View all 9 replies singedrac 2 hours ago +Gajchim Shekelstein "Racewar now plx" Go ahead and lead the way. Nothing's stopping you. Or do you just like to sit at a computer and type words? I know I do, but I'm not requesting physical activism. Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago +3Storms "1776 - 1865 = 250 years, huh? Damn common core math." You think African slaves first showed up in the Americas starting in 1776? Really? Damn common core history. Oh wait, common core doesn't really cover history. Reply · Zoo Keeper via Google+ 9 hours ago More racial attacks. What language are they speaking? USNationalistNews originally shared this We need more of this, to wake people up. Reply · 8 View all 6 replies Zoo Keeper 7 hours ago +Eatm308amA Thank you this idiot faggie the rogue denies they speak different.  Reply · 1 batrickpateman1984 4 hours ago +FroggieTheR0gue They also call those people "coon asses" due to their ancestors breeding with niggers. Therefore they aren't white. What's your point? Reply · Kyle Hanson 4 hours ago came here from /r/GreatApes and i cant say im surprised by the way these monkeys acted. Japan has much lower crime rates than America, i suggest we adopt their system and get rid of all the Africans in our country. Kyle Hanson, proud white man Reply · 11 View all 4 replies singedrac 2 hours ago Dig your fedora. Try living in Japan and see how well their "system" treats you. :) Reply · LickMyShittyTits 2 hours ago Proud white man!? DAS FUCKIN RASISTS! Reply · troma 6 hours ago I'm half black born and raised in a relatively white suburban area. Seeing shit like this is fucking hard. Seeing racist comments being towards people of my race is even harder, especially when there is some justification. It's pretty depressing thinking about where this snowball effect will take hard working, upstanding African Americans in the future. It's hard enough to land a job fairly when you put down your race on an application or resume, but if lower class dumbasses like this keep this shit up they are going to bring other minorities down with them. I don't want to spend 5 years on this engineering degree only to be passed over because an employer only sees me as a potential felon. The government has and will continue to impoverish black communities, rappers and the media will continue to give young black boys and girls unrealistic goals in life to sell pot and abandon their children. I don't see these types of people as one of my own anymore, in a couple more years I will be disenfranchised from the title "half black" all together. Fuck em, they are niggers and I do wish they'd go the fuck away already. Reply · 12 View all 5 replies troma 1 hour ago (edited) +TheHarassinators Because having an affect on the mass influence of one race is so easily attainable. What I find interesting is that the amount of black on black crimes is much greater than the amount of black on white crimes. But whenever there is white on black or black on white everybody loses their collective shit. I hate these degenerates as much as the next frustrated person, but being a tough guy on the Internet and thinking that killing blacks in retaliation is the answer is counterproductive. Reply · troma 3 hours ago +CharlesHipster Well for that reason, in the hypothetical event of race wars I hope that "niggers" are more distinguishable than some Joe schmoe black man on the way to bring his family dinner. Reply · GeneHeim1 4 hours ago (edited) Idiotic to hold an entire race of people for the actions of a few dumb ass kids. Might as well blame every white person for a police officer beating the crap out of a black kid. Is a shame that the kids who beat that boy won't get held to account. They'll get a slap on the wrist, maybe. Reply · 3 Agtsmirnoff 3 hours ago "Idiotic to hold an entire race of people for the actions of a few dumb ass kids" That's what liberals do EVERY DAY Reply · 6 singedrac 2 hours ago +Agtsmirnoff " 'Idiotic to hold an entire race of people for the actions of a few dumb ass kids' That's what liberals do EVERY DAY" It's also what you JUST DID NOW with liberals. You hold an entire political class of people responsible for the actions of a few dumbass liberals. :) Reply · 1 David Man 5 hours ago I know the girls voice, I have seen her there before. She is a little ghetto but she can get her act together . With a little help. Reply · View all 3 replies singedrac 2 hours ago +iXTMAstro Other people were helping the kid. Somebody's gotta record or nobody else would have seen it outside of the people who were there. Reply · iXTMAstro 1 hour ago Does it fucking matter???? Nobody has to record shit! Is this your nightly entertainment? Fuck off  Reply · TheHarassinators 5 hours ago We need to take the fight to the blacks and put them in their places. How long is black racism going to go unchecked? They must be stopped. Reply · 7 eparedrum 5 hours ago In the antebellum south there was infrequent lynching (of both white and black criminals), but relatively little crime. Today we have a "humane" criminal justice system, and rampant crime.  Reply · 2 Blobernaught123 4 hours ago blacks aren't bad, niggers are Reply · 2 Mike Litoris 9 hours ago It's a Damn shame they will give a 15 year old white kid 25 to life in prison for swatting a gamer and call him a domestic terrorist but these fuckers run around jumping people for fun without a care and then when one of them gets shot by a white guy try to protect himself they will cry racism and get media coverage for weeks will cause more protest and rioting from these fuckers Reply · 34 View all 7 replies MrBigbubba3 4 hours ago That is our duty and I accept it gladly. Your sons and daughters, the offspring of our nation depend on it. That is exactly why we are better than these apes. Shoot those fuckers. Reply · 1 singedrac 2 hours ago "a Damn shame they will give a 15 year old white kid 25 to life in prison for swatting a gamer and call him a domestic terrorist but these fuckers run around..." That never actually happened. No teenage white kid was given 25 to life for swatting. It was a fake news story. Reply · John Doe 4 hours ago >Live in America >Get beaten into coma by blacks because you're white and slavery >Not a hate crime, because blacks can't into racism >Die in coma >Family can't sue because racism >Family gets shot by spree shooter in shopping mall picking out flowers for your funeral Land of the free 10/10 Reply · 7 View all 3 replies Dank Mang 3 hours ago Allah is a bitch and Muhammad sucked my dick. Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago Nice burka. Reply · ShinRyoga 3 hours ago I honestly cannot tell which of these comments are sarcastic anymore. I'd like to think that most of them are, but again, this is YouTube. It's not exactly a haven for kind or understanding commentary. All the hatred in this world...God forgive us. Reply · 1 View all 6 replies Nell Craft 2 hours ago +singedrac yes he is an innocent hard working kid that a mob of feral teens attacked unprovoked - google it - get informed. Reply · Jay Davis 46 minutes ago +singedrac He was going outside to help the man the "mob" (really a gang called "fam mob") was initially beating. Reply · laaaaavly 9 hours ago What language was the woman speaking during the video? Reply · 23 View all 9 replies Marty Sparde 4 hours ago AAVE, formerly known as ebonics, formerly known as incoherent rabbling Reply · Paul Turner 3 hours ago +Bob Shelton typical moronic black Reply · 1 fadedlife2013 7 hours ago These subhuman animals need to be put down. This "worldstar" thug culture is getting out of hand. These "people" (if you can even call them that) and their ghetto "culture" are absolute trash. Reply · 21 View all 3 replies tintanknowsbest 3 hours ago +1GTX1 Rofl, as if these fucking assclowns listen to tupac. They listen to buttshit clownrap i.e. lil ween, niggy pinaj, tigger, yung thug, etc Reply · Headless Eyes 1 hour ago +tintanknowsbest It's not the music they are listening to it's their god dam parents. I can listen to this stuff I don't go out beating up kids and elderly folks in a mob pack. These kids are angels of course. Reply · Dennis Blouin 29 minutes ago People on here talking like they actually know what happened.. I actually work at the store and this had nothing to do with race. This video doesn't even show what really happened only bits and pieces. Reply · Headless Eyes 27 minutes ago Oh do share an explain the elderly person too....pulling out the violin. Reply · aped 17 minutes ago It shows a bunch of unruly black kids beating up on one person. What are we missing? What could possibly justify this behavior? Reply · exquisite beans 7 hours ago I wonder what would happen if it was the other way around, they would hide behind "racism", such an easy word right? Fucking double standards, I bet nothing gonna happen to them. Reply · singedrac 1 hour ago A lot of people "wonder what would happen if" this scenario. I think it has less to do with wondering and more to do with righteous indignation. So, what are you betting? :) Reply · Ryan Z 6 hours ago Black people can't be racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago Your exclamation points are compelling.  Reply · Ryan Z 1 hour ago +singedrac I felt it really drove the point home Reply · 1 Steven Winningham 9 hours ago Nigger this bigger that y'all have lost your fucking minds bad kids is what this is people who don't teach their fucking kids your all racist bitches this is coming from a white boy fuck you all I'm out I feel bad for dude though but welcome to Memphis  Reply · 1 View all 8 replies Eatm308amA 7 hours ago Uh...excuse me. You gave up your "white" card years ago and are too diseased to come back into the fold.  Reply · 2 singedrac 2 hours ago +Dindu Nuffins I think you meant "you're just as bad." Or would you rather not write proper English like a white person should? :) Reply · Hammer 6IX 6 hours ago (edited) Do not talk to blacks. Do not look at blacks. Do not be in the presence of blacks. Any one of those things will initiate an assault, or what Liberals call "a multi-cultural experience". Have you AWAKENED yet? This is not national news because the victim is White and the MOB of attackers are black. You all know Michael Brown`s name. But do you know this person`s name? How many days of White rioting is happening because of this ^^^^^^^^^^^^? NONE. There are differences between the races. Wake up. Reply · 3 singedrac 1 hour ago Poor whites. So persecuted by the media. It must be so difficult to be a white man in this terrible world so biased against white men. Reply · Karkat Crabtroll 4 hours ago How sad that a group of people had to gather and act like animals.... Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago I agree. It's a lot like these YouTube comments. Reply · Jay Davis 44 minutes ago +singedrac Right these youtube comments are extremely comparable to being beaten unconscious unconscious. Reply · Dawn Beattie 4 hours ago So the "security guard" hands his phone to the lady in the store BEFORE going to help the guy getting beat on the ground to make himself look like the hero? Let's get proof that he's doing his job after he's getting it on video to put it on youtube....and the lady laughing about it taking the video is making me nauseous on funny she thinks this is.  Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago He's not wanting to "look like a hero." He wants documentation that he acted to the letter of his job description. Reply · Danny Sweet 18 minutes ago Singdrac your a dumbass!! Do the world a favor and kill yourself. Please you have commented on every post. Fuck off man Reply · vulcus420 9 hours ago No media coverage. Reply · 28 View all 3 replies tintanknowsbest 3 hours ago +Robert Frost It's not jews, it's zionism, which is essentially fanatical jewish extremism. Reply · 1 singedrac 2 hours ago Media covers what gets ratings. That's what makes money. This wouldn't get ratings. Reply · Waa Waa Wee Waa 2 hours ago Don't vote Democrat, kids. Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago A compelling argument. Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Reply · Karen Bracken 2 hours ago This is why Americans should be allowed to open carry. A pack of wild animals is what they are. They are not human. Reply · singedrac 2 hours ago Honestly that's a pretty apt description of humans in general. Reply · Rick Nichols 2 hours ago Black people acting like Feral Animals.......not shocked. Black people need to be exterminated Reply · 1 singedrac 2 hours ago Walk the walk don't just talk the talk. Reply · I'm Fishdogpigsquirrel 3 hours ago All niggers should die Reply · 1 singedrac 2 hours ago So erudite. Reply · Mike Hunt 7 hours ago I'd rather see a horde of zombies than a horde of niggers coming my way. Reply · singedrac 1 hour ago This speaks a lot about your fear. You're afraid to consider the horde coming your way as actual humans. You might hesitate to shoot them between the eyes. Zombies are easier targets. Reply · nantoman 3 hours ago where are the flash mob videos of composed of mostly whites? mexicans? asians? Reply · 2 singedrac 2 hours ago They're on YouTube. Reply · Exquisitus MC 6 hours ago dude was just there and in the group mentality of animals they took advantage of him... Disgusting  Reply · 1 singedrac 1 hour ago "Animal was just there and in the group mentality of animals they took advantage of him... Disgusting" Fixed that for you. Reply · AreUSureItsRelevant 7 hours ago You all wonder why white people enslaved you. You act like fucking animals. Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago We're all animals, dude. Even you. Can't not act like an animal, literally. Reply · AreUSureItsRelevant 11 minutes ago Animals we may be, but as humans we have the rational to determine actions like this are wrong. You are a fool to believe that just because humans are animals it's civilized and reasonable to act like this. Reply · DaFaceGuy 4 hours ago bunch of feral apes Reply · singedrac 1 hour ago That's pretty much all of us. You know humans ARE apes, right? Reply · James Wraieth 2 hours ago Im Cherokee indian. My people was mistreated and cast aside as badly or worse than any race out there. Hell they didnt make us slaves they just killed us for our lands. Moved the remaining to reservations and worse. Yet you dont see our people screaming racism or going out scalping anyone because of our horrid past. A great people rise above their sorrows or learn to overcome them. Not stand around and scream for a hand out after the hand has been bitten. Grow up you dont want to be a stereo type take if from someone who knows what thats like. DONT FUCKING ACT LIKE ONE. Thats all it takes to rise above it. My parents raised me to understand my past but to also learn from it. And to make better the hand i was delt. Not kill the dealer for giving me a bad hand. And yes thats a casino pun. But hey it applys all the same.. Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago The respective situations are subtle, but different. At least your people had already lived here for thousands of years before the whites showed up, rather than being displaced from halfway across the world. All of the US is a 'reservation' for African Americans, except mostly Europeans are living on them. Not trying to excuse anybody, but trying to add a perspective. Reply · smaveone 6 hours ago I live about 10 minutes from where this happen and this is why I always arm myself. That whole group of worthless waists of life should be put on the knees and shot in the head. It would make memphis a better place. I wish I would have been there.  Reply · 2 singedrac 1 hour ago Well go, visit there more often. Maybe you'll get your wish. Reply · TemporalSpastic 7 hours ago I bet they won't call this a hate crime. Fucking niggers. Reply · singedrac 1 hour ago "They?" Reply ·
TOM TRESA September 7, 2014 at 5:05 pm — Log in to Reply this needs to have national coverage and get AG Holder, Rev Al Sharpton, and Rev Jessie Jackson to condemn this and call it what it is a hate crime and they need to be sent to jail, call it like it is GOD loves all his children- but GOD does not want his children to hate and brutalize others just because, respect others and others will respect you THOMAS September 7, 2014 at 5:31 pm — Log in to Reply This is why we need to carry guns TODD September 7, 2014 at 5:51 pm — Log in to Reply Ok I have had enough I am going to apply for my CCP monday TERRY September 7, 2014 at 5:53 pm — Log in to Reply The media isn’t going to call Ghetto Chimps out. They are afraid that they will be labeled racist…….. ROOSEVELT September 7, 2014 at 6:05 pm — Log in to Reply All you perps applying for ccp. Beware. Once this go nuclear. There us no turning back. If war is what you want. War is wat it will be. But take heed. TOTAL WAR MEANS WOMEN AND CHILDREN TOO. ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO GO THER. YOU MAY EUN OUT OF BULLETS! MICHELE September 7, 2014 at 6:32 pm — Log in to Reply Roosevelt, Seriously. People need to defend themselves from these mobs. Noone said anything about war. Woman and children. You need to check yourself. DALE September 7, 2014 at 7:51 pm He is threatening us with war. If he believes his threat is scary we can show him how little we fear his kind. ROB September 7, 2014 at 6:39 pm — Log in to Reply Peps can’t get CCP. However, we upstanding and EDUCATED citizens can–and some of us have previous military training. These punk gangsta wannabes stand no chance. Instead of trolling news stories, how about investing in Hooked on Phonics before posting again? LARRY September 7, 2014 at 6:21 pm — Log in to Reply where the hell did she learn to use the camera, most of it was just concrete ROGER September 7, 2014 at 7:31 pm — Log in to Reply If you are white and do not have a cwp get it you should not be walking the streets this day and time without being armed . Our racist black muslim federal government is presently trying to incite black on white violence and listen to them they want the cops to change their approach to even confronting black criminals ? how do you do that ? You need a gun that has at least a 14 round clip as africans tend to attack like 6 or 7 on one . Try to shoot straight and shoot them all PAUL September 7, 2014 at 7:46 pm — Log in to Reply Roosevelt, are you seriously going to side with these cowards, what normal human beings would get a thrill out of ganging up on harmless people trying to make a living, I don’t give a damn about if your black or white if I see you hurting someone without provacation you’re probably going to weigh a little more when im done (lead is heavy), this has got to stop, its up to the black community, I don’t think white people are going around pulling stunts like this, if you get shot or if you get beat up by the police you probably done something, lets do a litmus test and when you get pulled over try being cool and answer questions , not all cops or bad just like not all blacks are bad. Geez be a civilized human. SCI September 7, 2014 at 8:00 pm — Log in to Reply Roosevelt – I’m 73 and female and I am also getting my gun permit. I taught school for many years and & I had to deal all kinds. I can’t deal with a gang however. Read more at
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