Sunday, July 20, 2014

Karen Andrea Parker and Kenneth Howard Smith at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Taste of Chicago

CLEVELAND OH (IFS) -- When you get a chance to lobby for a cause, you have to be there in person, and that means making an appearance at this prestigious location for the sake of music promotions and conferencing at the basic level of the music business.

The week was filled with various artists and guests who wanted to touch bases with the music industry, as internationally renown songwriter Kenneth Howard Smith whose former Motown Records catalog is presently under the control of Sony ATV-EMI Music and who pulls double duty as CEO and president of SDC OmniMedia Group that control a heavy internet radio presence with their SDC Radio Networks.

As a single internet playlist that ranks as one of the oldest and most requested stations that has KDTN Radio One receiving over 500 recordings per week worldwide attempting to get on one of the seven stations in the broadcasting groups slots, Smith still spreads the word that there is always room for one more good song.

With international former high school student athletes counselor, Karen Andrea Parker, the pair managed to squeeze in a couple of parties at the Great Lakes with artists, future students with plans for getting scholarships to various colleges and friends in the area.  The dynamic duo ended up at the Taste of Chicago, where they sample foods from many of the city's great restaurants and music from Alo Bac and the Wailors.

If you are heavy into the political scene, SmithBits Talk Radio features Smith's podcasts for various issues in the world and local news communities on a monthly bases, and KDTN BlogTalk Music Radio that goes into the depth of the new artists and their music.

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