Monday, March 17, 2014

Russian Americans Caught Up in the Middle of Loyalty to Mother Russia or the United States of America

Russian Americans Caught Up in the Middle of Loyalty to Mother Russia or the United States of America
SmithBits Talk Radio Post Editorial
By Kenneth Howard Smith
IFS, March 17, 2014

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- When it comes to choosing sides, the question is whose side are you on?  What a dilemma for Russian Americans.

It's not going to be like the old days of the Japanese War where we put Japanese Americans in concentration camps and stole their land and businesses.  Or will it?

Loyalty to Mother Russia or to the United States of America?  As President Putin draws a counter line in the sand and starts his own sanctions of US personnel, goods and services to counter reactions to President Obama's executive orders, these two players are going to duke it out in real time.  The costs are going to be high and very expensive for the Russians.

Putin will cut the gas lines to Europe to start, but he needs the capital to pay his troops and keep the Russian economy from tanking, as the Russian stock markets are taking severe hits as we speak.  It all starts very small and then one day in very near future, it becomes a very big thing, and one finds themselves way over their heads, then you want to fight, then you have to fight and then you fight from keep from dying in a war that you have nothing invested in.

"Into the valley of death rode the mighty 600."  They knew it was a suicide ride.  They did it to show loyalty to their leader and country.  They did it for pride.  But only the winners get a chance to write the ending of the story.  Maybe the true Russians will stop Mr. Putin from making a big mistake and pull him back across the line in the mud, and have him rethink his position that effects everyone worldwide.

This writer is sure the Motherland can do the "hard times dance" and weather the storm.  However, these are different times.  The Russians buy and drive American cars build in Russia.  They like the 7-11 stores and MacDonald's.  They like Starbuck's, Visa and MasterCard.

President Putin will start his executive order of "nationalizing" these companies assets, and his expulsion of United States citizens from Russia, and other citizens that oppose his orders.  It always start very small.  And as with Pussy Riot, it's very personal.  Nothing to do with national security, just Putin's ego.

The new beginning of the Cold War?

Yes!  It's the same old war that never went away.  Let's face it.  We never put any trust in the Russians, only tolerated them.  You know the old mafia saying. . . "Keep your friends close, and  your enemies closer."

As the Russian people has got use to real money, they are going to feel the heat when their bank accounts start coming up very short, and they will not be invited to the big parties of the G-7 (8) and the Russian voices will be silenced in world affairs.  What a price to pay for a small piece of dirt.

This writer believes that President Putin is going to march his army through Western Ukraine and into Poland.  Putin has nothing to loose.  Remember he beats up on girls in ski masks for singing.  He does not give a tinkers damn about world opinion.

This writer feel sorry for the new Russian Americans in this country, because if it comes down to boots on the ground and the United States has to show a force, these folks will be under the microscope by the NSA, FBI and every alphabet agency in the US.

All battles that are lost starts from the inside out.  If you have terrorists all ready planted here when the fighting begans, you are fighting a two front war to start.