Monday, March 18, 2013

CNN's unconscionable coverage of the Steubenville Rape Case

Here’s What CNN Should’ve Said About the Steubenville Rape Case

By Laura Beck

CNN's unconscionable coverage of the Steubenville Rape Case verdict is pissing everyone off. Newscaster Candy Crowley, general correspondent Poppy Harlow, and legal expert Paul Callan all did their very best to focus solely on the guilty verdict's repercussions on the two rapists. There's next to no coverage of the girl who was brutally raped; instead, they talk almost exclusively of the rapists— the two teenagers who had such bright futures, and now their lives are completely ruined from this one little indiscretion. Isn't it a shame how they suffer?

Let's not forget that these boys committed truly despicable acts and to all appearances showed no remorse or regret until they were faced with real-world consequences. But still, wasn't it so sad when they broke down crying upon learning they'll spend a few years in juvie? It was so sad that CNN forgot to talk about the sixteen-year-old girl whose life will be spent dealing with the ramifications of rape. After all, she left the house with a vagina; she KNEW the consequences.


"For all their "promise," I can't believe no one has talked about what idiots these two and their friends are! Because the victim blacked out, the rapists would have gotten away with it (par for the course, historically speaking) — had they not been dumb enough to essentially hang themselves by broadcasting their crime on social media, texting about it, etc. I mean, seriously, how stupid are they?

Yes, what a loss, the area lost two jocks suffering from bad cases of hubris and completely lacking consciences or compassion.

Reminds me of that line from Heathers (I paraphrase): "Veronica, all the school lost out on is AIDs jokes and date rape."

"Maybe because that's completely beside the point. The point is whether or not they heinously abused a girl, not whether or not they did it in a stupid way (where your definition of stupid is "got caught").

"Agreed - all the focus on the mistake being recording the act tells boys that the crime is photo/video, not, you know, RAPE.

No, my definition of stupid (among other things) is being your own worst enemy, and this seems to fit the bill on a lot of levels. To my mind, the fact that they bragged about it like there was nothing wrong with it adds a whole additional level of inhumanity. To that end, I'm hopeful that more charges will be forthcoming, as has been mentioned in local media (I'm from the area, not sure what everyone else is hearing.)

"I am glad they were stupid and pretty much incriminated themselves.

They should get the punishment that our society deems necessary for the crime. Whether or not its enough, that's another debate. A big fuck you to their parents and coaches. These two kids were brought up with the idea that abusing someone who cannot defend themselves, then ridiculed them is ok. Also, thought they were above repercussions! This is heinous and makes me fear my fellow human just a little bit more..."