Monday, December 24, 2012

Why Beautiful Women Do NOT Reply To Your Messages!

Why Beautiful Women
Do NOT Reply To Your Messages!

No one can argue the fact that men love beautiful women. And that doesn't change online. Actually, the desire is even more intense - because an attractive woman online gets even more attention and romantic "advances" than she does in her regular daily life.

If you've ever spoken to a beautiful woman with a profile on a dating site, then you already know this. It's common for her to get HUNDREDS of emails and responses from guys each week.

As a guy, if a woman doesn't respond, you just move on. No big deal. However, this leads to the same problem - namely that attractive women on dating sites get bombarded with endless messages from guys, some receive literally hundreds per week (a really hot woman can get over a hundred EACH DAY!).

Don't get me wrong, online dating is great. Yet it's important to remember that very few guys know just how easy it can be to walk up to a beautiful woman on the street, in the coffee shop or grocery store (or anywhere else) ... chat for a minute, and then walk away with her number. 

And because such few guys have the knowledge or balls to do this, there's almost ZERO COMPETITION.

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