Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials as told by Michael J. Lewis

The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials 
as told by Michael J. Lewis

By Kenny Smith for IFS News Writers

MEMPHIS (IFS) – Professor Lewis depicts a national decline in our nation in piling up rocks upon top of each other especially that of Dr. Martin Luther King, as his pile of rocks were made in China, and that he was chiseled in stone as an idol with his arms folded without warmth and no inspiring “love” for generations to come.

Dr. Lewis further charges forward that the memorial managed to misquote the great man: Not only did he not say, “ I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness,” but Dr. Lewis’ put his actual words were a hypothetical statement put in someone’s else’s mouth.

Well, the only thing I might say to that statement by Dr. Lewis is, the only piles of rocks the average citizen will get is a headstone, if lucky with a dash in the middle of the day your were born and the day you died.  That dash in the middle is all anyone with remember of you.  Your deeds, your glory days, your loves, your hates, your dislikes, and even your reputation will all come down to that dash in the middle of your piece of rock – that is, if you are lucky to get one.

I am sure that Dr. King where ever he may be does not mine that he rock was carved in China or in Georgia.  The only thing is for sure, is that he got his pile of rocks to early.