Monday, June 28, 2010

LIMON CO (IFS) - Robert Byrd -1917-2010, the last of the "Old Bulls" that controlled the US Senate for decades and third inline to become the president at one time.  Byrd leaves a great legacy in the Senate that will take many years to match up with.  This writer really was not a 'Byrd" fan, but was very interested in his tacit approaches to solving problems on the Senate floor.  Byrd will be remembered for several outstanding "quotes" in history.  And as the Senate prepared to debate authorization for war in Iraq in early 2003, Byrd thrilled antiwar activists with his lament — "Today, I weep for my country" — and gave a speech that would be reprinted in several languages and posted on many websites — no small achievement for a man who did not use a computer.  "We stand passively mute in the United States Senate, paralyzed by our own uncertainty, seemingly stunned by the sheer turmoil of events," he admonished. "We are truly sleepwalking through history."
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