Friday, January 08, 2010

LIMON CO (IFS) - Krystle Lynn Smith - An Open Letter to a longtime missing daughter! It's very sad when one parent keeps another parent at bay, and that child grows up with only one side of story, and that one sided story becomes total fact and fiction. When it is very sad and apparent that you have taken the one side as fact or fiction, and have refuse at this time to listening to the other side. This too is understandable, do to the situation that you had no input or contribution to the outcome. It's a good thing that you did not enter the law business, because you would be loosing all of your cases, as a great attorney must argue both sides of the question in order to come to a just conclusion to formulate his or her case. It is also a testament as to how one parent can keep a child hidden for so many years without every letting the other parent know the health, welfare and physical condition of the offspring, and only if that offspring did something against the law, only then would that parent be notified when that child was in trouble with the law - then it's your problem! If your child is never in trouble, you would have no way of tracing him or her. It has been over 23 years since the last time I saw my daughter, as her mother went to great lengths to keep the police and district attorneys in my life, and hiding my child. It has taken all these years to find my daughter. She was very confused when she asked, why now did my side of the family attempt to contact her, and she was not ready to speak to me. I understood all of that argument, as over the years in was a complete struggle with the law enforcement agencies who believed it was in the child's best interest to keep me away from my daughter. Krystle Lynn Smith grew up with three of her siblings, Sean M Shields, Kristi Shields and Ryan Shields. Krystle also have two sister on her father's side of the family, Kristine and Sara. Yet with malice and deliberate forethought, Karen kept you hidden from us. What she did not realize that one day, we would be making contact with you. It may have taken us some time, but we were as determine to find you, as Karen was determine to hide you. And yes, you would be placed in a position to make a decision to either contact us or not. But at least you have a choice. That's more than we had when you were growing up.
This is a story of revenge and how one parent uses the child as a shield to advance her own agenda against the other parent. It comes down to the child being pulled apart in between two parents and causing great confusion in the child's mind. Even when one parent, just pulls back, so that the child will not be confused and not being used as a pond in the middle of two childish adults, the child is still confused. Yet, Karen Linda McCray Shields Smith managed to hide Krystle with great success, and I commend her for her great efforts. and keeping you 23 years in hiding. But in the end, instant karma still plays its' hand. One can not do ugly and get away with it. You always pay in the end. Which comes to Krystle's oldest brother Sean, who was full of life and was going to be a surgeon, that was his dream since he was a little boy.
It broke my heart to find out that Sean died on April 26, 1994, a child, and his death was never listed in any newspaper, no country, no ocean, no space, no continent, nowhere on this earth. Sean died according to his sister when she was Seven years old, and her mother and grandmother took in real hard. That was about as much information, one can get from a young woman, who is talking to her father's oldest daughter for the first time, and asking why are you now attempting to find me?
It is with great difficultly to answer that question, when one has been attempting to search for her all the time, with the law standing in the way because her mother made the situation that way. When you don't want the other side to have a chance or to hide the true and create total chaos, because you did not get it your way.
I see the news where mother's tell their husband's and boyfriends that they have killed their kids, and or gave them away -- anything so that it will inflict the greatest amount of mental pain upon the other. And then there are the mothers who just kill their kids by drowning them, burning them up in houses, shooting them and leaving them with total strangers. One can only fight for so long, when you know what the outcome is going to be time after time.
The best deal that I could offer Mrs. McCray-Shields-Smith, was that she could have stayed married, and all I wanted was access to my child. Her response was to give me and my family no access at all, because she was "Mad" not angry; not even a picture, a word, with all Christmas cards, presents, birthday cards, being returned back to the child welfare department, and a warning from these people that I would be put in jail for harassment. Karen, God does not like ugly! Karen wanted to be very selfish and keep you all to herself. Knowing that you have sisters on your father's side of the family, with grandparents, cousins, always asking about you, wanting to know if the private detectives had found anything about you. Karen did hide you well, as many parents do, when they are in a tog-of-war for the child. And Karen, I'm so sorry that Sean had to pay for your sins, when he had nothing to with it, even when he lied in court on me, and the lies you coached him to say. I told you, that your lying was going to get you in a lot of hot water and that one day you were going to pay for it. You can not perpetuate a lie and believe that you can get away with it -- that's ghetto thinking -- as it comes back to bite you in the ass every time. Sean was going to be somebody, he was a contender.
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