Friday, December 04, 2009

LIMON (IFS) - Well what does one expect from a country that joined Hitler, and believed he was right. It's not hard to believe that a person can be convicted on all counts of very bad police investigations and mishandling of this case. It is sad for the victim, but even worst for justice. A very weak case, very bad ruling by the Judges, and contaminated evidence by the police. The justice in Italy convicted Ms. Knox on personal effects, like her life style, condoms, she smoked weed, her sex life, etc. This would not have been an issue in any country. The Justice system in Italy is very corrupt and double faced. They changed the course of the trial from many angles, and never proved anything -- to just get a conviction. They had it in for Ms. Knox from the beginning. She was never going to get a fair trial. When you are threaten by the police that keep you in jail and beat you up, heck I would say anything to keep them off me. None of this had nothing to do with the case. I totally endorse the boycotting of all Italian products, but justice must be done. Justice was not served at all.
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