Saturday, August 01, 2009

Char Brozovich - The taking of a child in the name of CPS

LAKEWOOD, CO - (IFS) The year was 2004, when then Child Protective Services agent Charmaine Brozovich decided that it was in the best interest of Jefferson County to take the twin daughters of Donna Demok, because alledgedly the children were being abused and neglected by the mother. After the twins were taken away, more lies by Agent Brozovich to the little children that their mother had committed a bank robbery and was in prison for fifteen years.

This was the story that the children got from Jefferson County. In 2007, after several years, the twins were offically adopted by a family called Smith in Conifer, Colorado. The mother was never charged with anything that the Agent Brozovich claimed that Ms. Demok did. She legally kidnapped the twins.

Now that it's 2009, the kids wants to get back with their real family members, and they have very negative feelings for Jefferson County CPS units along with Agent Brozovich who instigated this action.

The twins, in the hands of Jeffco County have been arrested three times, got lots of tattooes, piercings, takes a variety of drugs and have dropped out of school. Brozovich managed to turn two lovely young women into whores and sweet walkers--all in the name of Jefferson County CPS units.

The kids are now having contact with their real family members and they have tails of horrible stories at the hands of Jeffco CPS. They now want to come back home -- but they are still at the ages of 17 years old, legally adopted to another family, but one of the twins is talking and have little if any good words for the CPS and Agent Brozovich who lied right from the start to take the kids.

And the kids played right into their hands with lies and false stories that were transplanted into their little heads by CPS. As for Charmaine Brozovich, I pray that she will burn in hell. She currently works for Creative Adoptive Services in Littleton, Colorado. I wonder why she left CPS in Jefferson County?

It will be very hard for these young ladies to ever believe in authority again, and they have little trust in the system. These kids will be rebels with a cause for the rest of their lives, thanks to Charmaine Brozovich --- how many childrens' lives have you ruined this year?
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