Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DENVER (IFS) - Black Hills Energy purchased all the rights to Aquila Energy. Their name should be called "Back Hills" Energy. At present they rob Elbert County of $1.7 Million a month for their natural gas products. An average cost of natural gas is more than $4.20 per cubic gallon here. If one has a 60 gallon water heating tank that's on the "vacation" sitting, and a forced air unit that is set at 66 Degrees, this should not cost anymore than $66.00 per month. But in Elbert County, this company charges $113.21 per month. What if one really used their natural gas for cooking, heating the house and the hot water heater set to normal? The average cost would be $273.00 per month according to "Back Hills".

As gas prices has gone down lately, "Back Hills" unfortunately still keeps it's prices at the higher level for the consumer. They say, "we are working toward a "gradual" adjustment of the costs to each of our customers.

What this really means, is that we will slowly screw you into the dirt and will not push for any saving for you. "Back Hills" really enjoy the high prices and they know they are the only game in the county and enjoy putting the screws to each of it's customers.

They end their pitiful consumer letter by saying, "Thank you for taking the time to consider what we know can be a complicated issue."
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