Friday, May 02, 2008

Upon leaving Elizabeth, Colorado on Monday afternoon, the gasoline prices skyrocketed. It took me $256 in gas to travel 589 miles in twelve hours. And this is only one third of the way, stopping in Salt Lake City to visit the brothers.

At this rate, it's going to cost $750 plus to go to Long Beach from Salt Lake City. Then return to Elizabeth. CO. The roads are very empty. I've driven these roads for over twenty-five years now. On a major interstate, this is very rare indeed.

Had Clyde and Ted look over my vehicle. They both agree that it's time to get small in care size and trade up and out.

While researching the city of Salt Lake City, I had a chance to visit many of the neighborhoods. One day a year, the city allows its citizens to place their spring cleaning castoffs in a pile in front of their homes, and the garage cleaning is a treasure hunters paradise. You can fine anything and everything. You really need a truck and a place to store all of the "things" you happen upon.

Do to my total mis-calculations in the gas price and mechanical difficulties, Keith, I just want to let you know, what a wonderful life you will have with the one you have chosen. Your parents are very proud of you as the other family members are.

So now, I going out to find me a vehicle to return back home. There is news of a large car pile up in Watkins, Colorado and it's very bad. That's on my route returning home.
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